Tuesday, January 19, 2010

this deserves a post

When we left Co.lab, we were very sad to leave behind our favorite stencils behind...so today Andre (would like u to know him as Peace Kidd) came by and dropped off these amazing pieces!
i havent stopped looking at them...

Thank you & may peace be with you too, peace kidd. v

Some holiday snaps and old favorites...

Just another summer.........sigh...... with a smile....haha

FACT>> without apology, South Africa should be on toplist for being one of the most beautiful countries to live in.

>> yang

"I mean really!"

can people get more creative than this?
its an exageration.
but as my friends would say, "I MEAN REALLY!?" im in awe...love it.
& i feel like a total boy for loving this madness.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Houston, we've gotta problem!

so, crazy spoek is doing it again. homemade style. new home X new vaab.
welcome home. even if its short but definitely sweet.

love this video! ha ha ha ha! makes me laugh, & thats definitely a good thing!
ow 20zen! he's here for the kill. & he wont stop till you're all D.E.A.D.

Watch it here

now can i get some love for all this good press????

much love, welldone for being u.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yes. its that kinda party

Thanks for the support!

We have very few Doe tees left from the artist collaboration range of 09 summer featuring the likes of Mufuta ink, CLUB crew (Berlin- also known as Enos), Yves, Machine Man & Lauren Fowler.

This Saturday, we're having a clearance sale with everything less 20%! you'll find a few oldies from our past collections too. come say hi if you're in Cape Town.

5 panorama, woodford rd. Camps Bay
16/01/10>> 4-6pm

come have a glass of bubbly and chill! we'd love to meet you!

If you dont live in Cape Town, do not worry. drop us a mail to info@doetees.com and we'll make a plan for you. do it early cuz we only have limited numbers and sizes left!

for directions call 0845511687

Queries & RSVP: 0725309654/ yang@doetees.com

Image courtesy of Max Mogale Photography
location courtesy of Woodstock industrial centre/ background graphics courtesy of Night of a thousand drawings

My London Shopper

Hi everyone!

just a quick note to let you know that, for those of you in Joberg, you're in for a treat.

London-based online boutique -mylondonshopper is launching in SA. & you are invited. maybe. ;)
see pictures above, if its your cup of tea (& in joberg) why not stop by this saturday and see for yourself.

Time & Place:


30 Congo Street

do it do it you know you wanna!

facebook page here

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i love my friends

that's all really.
i don't have a picture of everyone together and i didn't wana leave anyone out by mistake.
but after aunty does her photo shoot tomorrow we'll have some.
anyway. i love them. that's all.

anths xx

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


this is just a note from me miss anthea to say happy 2010 and all that.
i have decided today is a day for new beginnings.
no more drama. no more yelling. i'm not even going to slam the person who made me mad or insult their bad fashion choices. (even though i really want to). i might be getting old!
anyway here is my picture to prove my new start :)