Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Pattern print

Speaking of tees. We have another print out.
Photography by Ish.
Thank you Kitsi for making our job easy.

New Stockists will be announced soon.
but for now,
get them at Seventies80s, 305 Long Street, Cape Town
mail us at doetees@gmail.com

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Ninja!

Apologies. I'm back! and Anthea will be back on thursday to tell you about her travels to Botswana. sigh. I need a holiday. an adventure. a fucoff experience. This has been a weekend of revelations. hope you had a good one tho.

I saw this label- My Ninja! via another blog. Yes there're a lot of tshirts out there. but there is never too many. I dont think so. a tee is like a personality. an individual statement. its like accesories that you can never have too many of. yes you can ask the piiimp Ant, she will tell you that one can never ever, have enough jewels. you can call it conspicuous consumption. or you might just call it straight up pimping. whichever you prefer. We all wear tshirts. Thats what we believe. tees will never die. We need more!!!

anyway, My Ninja!, a LA label, although there're only 2 prints available. but the photographs are sick. love the back to basic energy of them, & the styling...just my cuppa tea. sometimes less is more.


Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP King of pop

just some tasteless inspiration...
but we miss Michael Jackson.

weekend plans
Party People
Miss H presents the boogie

Lets dance

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

some fashion displayed on lookbook.nu

I like lookbook.nu... there're always new pics. the world will never run out of self loving people. some of them have adorable items of clothing. if i knew where they lived...hmm...kidding.

YSL print on tee
Beatles Album cover- Revolver

cute jacket

Monday, June 22, 2009

Woke up this morning...

DOE loves American Mobster flicks.

My boyfriend and i have been re watching The Sopranos. loving it. one of my favorite episodes was when Anthony Soprano Jr, Tony's son got drunk at a hotel room in New York, and had his eyebrows shaved off by friends, and when he got home the next day, he was questioned by a confused Tony, "whats different about about you?" waaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa! Besides the fact that he looked ridiculous (note to self--appreciate eyebrows), he also had this STONED look on his face, grumpily hungover and stuff. and all Tony said was "WHATS DIFFERENT ABOUT YOU?"
Tony is my hero. but so is Saul and Pauli. word to the Sopranos, hope they make a movie soon, a four- years- later- update on the mob. sort of like what Sex and the city did.

The Bukowski in me

Poetry. not a huge fan, but from time to time, I appreciate it. Charles Bukowski is another crazed man, whose work i adore. once again. free your mind from eating crap. No fat brains allowed in this space.

A poem by him,

8 Count

From my bed
I watch
3 birds
on a telephone
one flies
one is left,
it too
is gone.
my typewriter is
and I am
reduced to bird
just thought I'd
let you

Proverbial fist in the air!

Whatup bloggerrrss!

Here is my favorite article of the week. By our homie/fellow blog girl/photog/partner in piiimp crime, Zandi. A MUST READ. If you never want to get an obese brain.

Doe says no to BO (aka bullshit overdose)

"In the past couple of weeks having lurked around uber cool blogs about uber cool shit and chatted about it to uber cool people I began to feel a distinct sensation of nausea. As my mouth filled with watery saliva and my head began to spin and my stomach rumbled and my head spun and all the faces and sneakers and checked shirts and jewellary turned to into one Jackson Pollockian mess, I had to wonder, what is it that irks me so?..."


Besides being a mean writer, Zandi also happens to take dope pics. check out her blog

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ish's chronicles part1-party politics

yes. Don't mess around with gangster love. or you'll come up short

Posted by: Ish
skinny white bitches.

NB: before i start this blog i just want to state that being a 'skinny white bitch' is a MENTALITY. this is NOT an attack on a race.
[so please no hate mail].. :)

I'm slightly fed up [and concerned] about all these sudden attacks that I and my other girl friends have recently received by whack girls. [also see below for bottle throwing attempt at head story].
girls used to look out for one an other and gave backs. but these days all i'm seeing is pure bitchy vibes... whats up with that?
i've especially noticed these behaviour's within the underground music sectors.
i, personally, have been 'attacked' twice by some whack bitches at two different dubstep raves. one in cape town and one in london.
the first time was at a night at the amersham arms; new cross [s.e london]. i can't remember the name of the night,but i do remember tomb crew and rusko playing. anyways. so i just bought a drink and wanted to ave a little skank, i joined my mate [david marsden :)] and did my thing. next thing i know some blonde chick starts elbowing me out the way. i had no idea why so i just gave her the 'don't even fucking think about it look'. i told dave about it and he joined me on the bitch look. then she slaps his pint of red stripe [important beer..] out of his hand, which leads to a jolly dave being an extremely fucking pissed off dave [damn straight too].
her little friends piss off and leave her standing there. then she pushed me. what?!!
bitch please.
i didn't push her back/slap her/pull her hair/spit in her face, instead i spoke softly.

'one day your'e gonna get stabbed if you ain't careful'.

let me explain my reaction,
a. i don't believe in violance at a dance. ESPECIALLY at a dubstep ting. its all about good vibes. stricktly. like the reggae dances were back in the day.
b. she started on another girl in some little dark bar in not such a 'nice' area. people do get stabbed there. quite often. she was clearly a little middle class brat who probably thought i was trying to make a move on her man. [who may i add was some emo kid].

anyway. dave didn't stop shouting at her. so the security guard came along and put her in her place.
and not to mention the groups of rude boys that surronded us telling us how they 'had our backs'. haha.

i saw her later on in the night sitting in the corner sulking.

i won't explain what happened at the cape town night, just a coked up, hyped idiot [another blondey] looking for some attention. she attempted to kiss my brother that night too.

but what i've noticed also is the hostility that girls are constantly throwing at each other these days. whats up with blantantly flirting with your man whilst you stand next to him? Or constant evils because the other has a real Chanel and the evil giver's is probably a fake?

It's boring.

Skinny white witches get over yourselves.



catch Ish play on Saturday (20June) at STEPUP.Fiction.
stepup ladies.


hello DOE people!
It's 2:38am in johannesburg. and probably in cape town too. anyway I can't sleep and I have watched a romcom called The Holiday which I suppose is supposed to be uplifting but really it just made me cry and comment that my life was pretty shitty at present, which in retrospect is really untrue and quite melodramatic. Anyway that being said I am excited to be going away to Botswana on thursday, which means you will have to miss me for a few days. but i do promise some flippn nice pictures and a funny story upon my return. today was (or yesterday rather) was Youth Day, and I hope that instead of just getting drunk everyone stopped to think about the significance of it. willing to fight for knowledge, that is something that DOE love and respect.Ya but anyway, as you saw from our cooking photos our friend Josiah has left us for london for a bit, so naturally we sent him with some DOE to be looking fresh on the streets. So here's a pic he sent us of him rocking it in Chiswick Park (hope i spelt that right).

ok tooooodles

Anth xx

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

street styles i like

I like simple styles. here is one...

It may not be the maddest, but i love it madly--yang.
images via Yo!Apetown & Lookbook.nu

Saturday, June 13, 2009

black is now, colour is forever

We previously stocked some scarves I bought from a trip to a Tibetan town. I love the colors of them. Coincidently I came across these photos on Sha, a family friend's blog. and they look something like this below...they are 100% handwoven, loving the colours!

More travel pics from Sha's page. word.---Yang

Friday, June 12, 2009

for real?

I have to just share this story, on Monday I basically ran away from somebody in the waterfront! how 1993 is that? Yea and I didn't just run away, they actually SAW me running away!! And now I feel really bad. People you may ask why I was doing this? Because I have NO IDEA how to say no to people. I thought that these things were meant to get easier with age, but it seems not. How fucking embarrassing, I ask you. Anyway so if anyone knows how to help me overcome this totally pathetic problem please email me!! In the meanwhile GO AND BUY A DOE SHIRT from seventieseighties, because it's the right thing to do and also cause they so fucking sexy!

Have a good weekend lovers

Anth xx

new print release today

New print release today!
love it, hate it, do what you will with it.
At Seventies80s, 305 Long Street, Cape Town.
do it now.

take a pikcha of you wearing doe, mail it to us on doetees@gmail.com
or upload it yourself after joining our Facebook group.

Live, love, and enjoy yourself!

Love from DOE collective
x x

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

YVES print

We did fun photograph mini test shoots on Friday.
Max Mogale took great pictures at EVOL.

Here is a sneak peak of our new print--- 'YVES' By Dims.
Model: Chiara Paton

thanks to Max, Chiara, Alex, Ashleigh, Nick, Mavuso, Dom, Claudio,Lauren and everyone who joined in the fun that night. much <3

Full shoot will be posted soon.

New prints will be available at Seventies80s store(305 Long street, Cape Town) as of Friday (12 june) morning. Be sure to check it out ASAP due to limited stock.

nuff said.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

misery loves food

people. do not be angry, for I am here.
I know this took really really long but it is here and that's what's important, sho I was scared of Aunty there for a second. So we've had something a bit sad happen to the DOE team, someone whom we love and who loved us has packed and gone to London for 6 months, which is pretty damn sad in our books. Anyway to say goodbye in true piiimp style we cooked a big going away meal, it was pretty frikken delicious and the boys were jealous that they hadn't cooked it themselves. So we are gona make a small video for you to show how we prepared this epic roast chicken DOE style, but these things take time. (ain't no other bitches who can piiimp like us). so while that is under construction I have left you with some pictures from the night so that you can start getting an idea how goodlooking all our homies are.

hold tite and be patient.


quote of the week

"I should like to sleep like a cat, with all the fur of time, with a tongue rough as flint, with the dry sex of fire; and after speaking to no one, stretch myself over the world, over roofs and landscapes, with a passionate desire to hunt the rats in my dreams."

image via yo!apetown

Monday, June 8, 2009

Iconic image in the making

Word to unkle Karl..."you can take the Lagerfield out of Chanel, but can never take the Chanel out of Lagerfield"

A while back, Hellz Bellz designed a print similar to these crazy heelzzzz.

Inspirations taken from film by Pedro Almodover (All about my mother, Bad education,Volver) in 1991-"tacones lejanos" (meaning "high heels")

to conclude, my favorite words--"everything, and nothing is original"

"feeling so brave...you can't be stopped when you are young"

Hello Bloggerrrs!!!!

Excuse the non commitment to updating of blog lately. have been busy taking pictures of new prints. Hopefully the pics will be up tomorrow. and HOPEFULLY, Anthea will grace this page with her precious and RARE presence tonight...

This week, Iona (Our Danish delightful woman :) has sent me a link to this label----"Lovers and fuckers">> what a name. dope pics by Diego Giménez. the heading of this post is the slogan on their home page, somewhat appropriate to what we believe here at DOE...somewhat AMAZING! Looking forward to seeing their upcoming Autum/Winter 09 Collection. For more go there.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


SO excited for new shoot! This time is going be with the amazing Max Mogale. http://www.guerrillagrapher.co.za
Signing out. not much to say except that, WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chloe Sevigny

I freakn loved 'Kids'---classic flick. Chloe Sevigny is the perfect example of a defiant girl. She has an incredible sense of style, fueled by self confidence>> effortless and natural. When the world says go left, she WILL go right. My favorite type of personality. There is way too much BS going on in the world, we need to be conscious. and STOP ACTING like zombies. wake the fuc up.

Chloe Savgny in Elle America


Monday, June 1, 2009

hello again

it's 4:16am, and i can't sleep. in exactly 7 hours at 11:15 Aunty will phone and wake me up and yell at me cause i'm late for the office. but aunty doesnt know that my alarm is set, it just doesnt seem to work on me! i feel like i am never going to sleep again and my mind is crazy with thoughts which doesn't help either. also am i retarded? i feel like myspace.com technology has surpassed my juvenile computer literacy. is there anyone out there who can teach me to use something called "Profile 2.0". GOSH NAPOLEON. arg. big ups to everyone who got to have a pretty pair of glow in the dark shit hot yeezys. fact: i am jealous. anyway. maybe you can help me decide if i should dye my hair back to black? o the insomnia-insanity has stepped in and is controlling. fuck. send us some of your weekend stories and we can publish a fun abridged version to share with all our friends. do it. buy a shirt. give us some feedback. do it now.

o also i have put up a picture of our small family. we love you. especially late at night. if you aren't in the photo you were probably taking it. or you have since moved countries (you know who you are). also one of me and aunty that makes me smile, rocking that DOE baby BIG UP AUNTY FOR THE USE OF HER INCREDIBLE PHOTOGRAPHIC SKIILLLZ. BRRRAAAAP. don't jealous her.

last word and biggest love