Thursday, September 30, 2010


Here is a clip of what happened on that day at the Puma HQ...brought back some fun memories. a little birdie told me that the shoes we designed will be ready in 2 weeksssss!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


hello bloggerrrrs

me thinks I should share with you some of my september folder of pictures and inspirations brought to you via the great Interweb and pop culture...

Go here if you want the latest on London Fashion Week.

hope you like...

not much more to say except that,
im looking forward to Rocking the daisies; my besties Sizwe and Zee's arrival; my birthday; and my drivers license!!!!!

Life is beautiful.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The inside scoop

Hello bloggerrrs,

I have the monday blues, not much to say except that you should watch
'The Inside Scoop', a short video about Siya (aka Scoop) goes to discover SA's sneaker culture. presented by Nike Sportswear.

Part II features DOE's good friends in Cape Town, Anthea Poulos (, Hayden Manual (, Dr Zulu and Nick Herbert (Shelflife Store).


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lets get our braai on!

when it's sunny and warm in Cape Town, what better way to spend it?
Lets get our braai on!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Puma X Shelflife

Fuzzy's exhibition last night was followed by drunken after party and mid night swimming in a heated pool, haha. le good life avec friends.
This morning started late, fried up an all day breakfast burger, my body just couldn't resist the grease! was soooooo goood.
At least i made it to work. well it essentially involves switching on my Mac, and start working. Even that took a while.

The good people at Shelflife store sent over this press pack on their collaboration with Puma.

As they say, the concept behind it is blending iconic elements of the two brands and producing a new mix of flavor and symbols that is specific to South Africa. I like the fact that Puma appreciates local street art and culture and is keen to work with local artists and brands. Bravo to Shelflife, I have no doubt it is a dope range, that's what it means to 'not promise what it can't deliver'.

I just want to end this by saying, I HAVE THE COLLABORATION ENVY! I'm just saying.

To see/buy the range, be sure to go check out the STR.CRD event on 24 September. It will be hosted at the Cape Town station. The range is on sale at the the Puma Mobile unit alongside other Puma products.

If you miss the event, you can also get the range at the Shelflife store after.

Happy weekend!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JR 2010- 'Unframed'

Hello all, I have the worst hay fever of the (i will repeat) WORST kind. I feel that my nose is about to fall off. Spring is pretty but, not so in my world! I would actually do a rain dance if it does rain in Cape Town tonight, because I need them damn pollen to be washed away!!!! agggg man. here's to spring...yay. and to trees being killed in the form of tissues and my brain crying a river.
nonetheless. I only stumbled upon this today, im sure its not new news to most..i shall share it anyway...

Street artist JR's new series called 'Unframed', taking source images by Man Ray, Copa and Salgado etc. and pasting them in different spaces around the world, giving new meanings and contexts to the same places.
These were done in an Images festival at a small Swiss town. word on the street is that he will take the project around the world.
Interesting and very cool.

Monday, September 13, 2010

pictures were taken by Adel Snyders, at the You & Me & Everyone We Know Market this past Saturday. Join their Facebook Group and stay in the loop for more to come this summer.

Friday, September 10, 2010

tomorrow is about You&me&everyone we know

Thats where I'll be tomorrow...hanging out with the good people at the 'You&me&everyone we know' market. This year, it will be curated by Marcii Goose and Adel Snyders. Bringing you loads of vintage fashion, art, collectibles, designed goodies and niknaks; of course food and cocktails will await you at arrival.

So come around to join us for a day in the sun>> 11.09.10 Labia on Orange between 10 and 5pm.

Top things to do when there>>

look out for the Touch Heart Dim Sum stand. ;-)
try on a Moth jumpsuit
buy a 2Bop sweater
get a cocktail or two from a guy named Rudi.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

This is your Captain Speaking

Attention to all passengers on the Doe mobil, Get your popcorn ready and thinking cap on. We're heading east today, to check out some inspiring work done by Lebogang Rasethaba. He's worth the attention not because he's a lecrush but because I honestly think that Lebo is touching on something really interesting here. A multi dimensional account on Africans living in China. Let me not keep you waiting.

OK so this is an interview I've been wanting to do with Lebo about his thoughts on Sino, life, and China...

Hello,please tell us about the film, in your words, what is it about?

Sino is a short film about a co-incidental meeting between two Africans in Beijing, China. Through their interactions, the film deals with issues such as the challenges of resettlement and some of the complexities that ultimately arise from the xenophobic elements inherent in the Franco-phone-Anglophone exchange.

How is this story relevant in the world? (why make this film?)

Because its part of a larger global conversation about Africans writing their own history and telling their stories own through their perspective.

Why the name 'Sino'?

Sino is a prefix and it refers to relations with China.

The two main characters' experiences, are they in anyway resembled that of yours? I think the South African guy was maybe you...wrong?

Haha… everyone always asks me if the South African is me. No Sino is not a biopic, but the experiences of the characters are very real. Otherwise I wouldn’t have made a film about it.

I think its interesting that while it explores the experience of Africans living in China, yet through the displacement, it not only revealed how little China and Africa havent really interacted with eachother,( both have been engaging with the West for a long time) ; it also shown the mutual beef between South Africans and other Africans, in other words, xenophobia. where do you think this beef (xenophobia) comes from?

Xenophobia is something that is still mind-boggling for me, but I have made peace with my understanding of it. My point is, I think after ’94, a lot people expected change on all levels, with misguided ideas on how long it would take. So to this day, we are still waiting for jobs and housing, and when people from other parts of Africa come to South Africa and do the crappy jobs we don’t want, because, “ how can I still be a street sweeper now if I was street sweeper then?” (I mean that general attitude is quite pervasive amongst South Africans right? As in, a sense of entitlement or awaiting a reward, particularly after being the victims of Apartheid?). And so it’s really infuriating for us, and we take out a lot of our frustrations on people from other parts of Africans. That’s just one aspect though, this topic is very complex.

So when we last discussed while in China, you mentioned that it was a Trilogy, and this is only Part I. any hint on the direction its going for the next two parts?

Yeah, totally. Part 2 is going to be wild. I’m gonna act in it, which still kinda freaks me out a little. The pre-production is all done; I just need to finish up current projects and start shooting really. I have been making notes for part 3 for a while now. All 3 movies deal with the same subject matter, which is, the African Diaspora living in Beijing. There are recurring characters who play the same roles, for example, Dubois is also in part 2 but only has a cameo. In part 2 I have a central role, but I only feature a little in part 3. I wouldn’t say the movies are sequential, but they are related and well connected in their principles and sensibilities.

On filmmaking, what is your preferred style/preferences/references?

That totally depends on context. Different people do different things really well, like Errol Morris, for example, makes great documentaries, but I wouldn’t say his commercials are as inspiring, you know what I mean? Let me give you a “for instance”. For the next part in the trilogy, as part of the pre-production, I watched a lot of older Wang Kar Wai’s movies , just because of how many “perfect shots” there are in movies like “Chunking express” or “Days of being Wild”. For Sino, I watched Borom Saret over and over again. It’s a little circumstantial. Now when I watch “Sino” and I can easily admit that technically it is quite average, but when I was working on it, that didn’t matter. I just needed to make it. But now I want to pay more attention to things like getting the “perfect shot”.

What are your favorite things about film making?

I guess it would have to be the privilege and gift of been able to share precious things, which I care about and I know other people care about, and creating a space where we can enjoy and honor those things together.

What are your top four favorite films?

I promised myself I would never answer questions like that. But off the top of my head, the four films that have had the biggest impact on me recently are; Diaspora by Claire Denis, Borom Saret by Ousmane Sembene, Sans Soleil by Chris Marker, and “Burden of dreams” by Les banks. But this selection is very specific to whats going on around me now, if you asked me again in a month it would probably be different.

What has Bei Jing taught you?

Street Chinese

What can 2010 learn from 1990?

Textbook Chinese

Which book/s changed your life?

Chinese for beginners. Just kidding. These questions always do my head in…er, again just off the top of my head; Diceman (Luke Rhinehart), I write what I like (Steve Biko), letter to father (Franz Kafka) and 1984 (George Orwell)

what, to you, is the key to communicating visually?


Who are the top four directors that inspire you?

You killing me. Er, let me think, Ousmane Sembene , Errol Morris, Werner Hertzog, Spike Jonze

What's the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

Once my family and I all went had just come back from an exhausting family holiday, and we were all insanely jetlagged and we all stayed up late watching some Nollywood omnibus, and we were nibbling on something (dried fruits, pop-corn, chicken wings maybe? I cant remember) and anyway, the sight of it all was a little too surreal and a little too perfect.

Other stuff Lebo has shot...Freshlyground in BeiJing, Damon Dash, DJ Wordy, and BeiJing Rap group IN3. Go to his Vimeo Space for more.

high five lebo!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hank Willis Thomas exhibition @ Goodman Gallery

Max and I were at The Boogie last week, and ran into an artist from New York. We had a great convo about lotsa things, life, people, art, the term contemporary, photography. Although I had a bit more gluwein than i should in the afternoon, due to passing learners celebrations avec Carine. I do remember a lot of the conversation. It was, as they say, enlightening.
Hank is a photo conceptualist. is it somewhat like an art director?

In this show titled "All things being equal", he simply explored the language of the Advert, how the Ad is so embedded in our everyday thinking, that using this language to express visually can reach more audience. He based his ideas of this show on the concept of race. re exploring race in this modern visual language shed a new light on, in my opinion, how ideas of race have transformed but still so relevant in our lives. Which i thought was impressive. clean, simple, gets under your skin. A man of few words, but every word weighs a great deal. I was learning.

Unfortunately no snapshots of the social aspect of the opening. But you can go here for some.
go see it, i think it will last till first week of October.

Big tings!

Our boy Mr Fuzzy Slippers is having his first solo exhibition on the 16th of September. If you are in Cape Town, do check it out. It will be on at 38 Special Gallery on Buitenkant Street.

Fuzzy is one half of Mufuta Ink, the art duo who designed two prints for Doe last season.

Guess what i will be wearing to the opening. So proud of Fuzzy right now. exciting times indeed.