Friday, September 18, 2009

still love colours

something fun before i sign out.................good morning, afternoon, and night people!
Stay up

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

wish I was a painter

Matt Small>> check him out. His words are as vibrant as his paintings...

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DOE <3 streetstyles

So we can safely say streetwear is taking over high fashion, blogs like The Sartorialist has proven that, everyday people are still the most difficult to please. a pain in the ass for some designers, at the same time, they're muses.

Lanvin's new collection is beauteous, in my humble opinion...

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Inspiration is endless!

Future Retro

These Super shades are supa stylin. summer times how i miss thee...

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Ye, you done F up!

But im sure he's learnt his lesson? lets give him a chance.

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Melodic words

"Im tired of these men that send out pheramones saying “you need me, you want me, you need me, you want me”.

There are too many insecure men that do this so they dont feel alone…its a horrible program, its not the truth.

If a person is coming from truth, they wouldnt come from those types of pheramones. They would come from a place where He recognizes you and You recognize Him, not just that you need and want him. There is someting very empty in that, and its always going to leave one person in that needing and longing place again.

So to all my girls out there that keep coming to me with these sorry ass stories, make the change! Its time to Practice the art of Love….find someone that you can practice love with."

Wise words from designer Melody Ehsani

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Yes please!!

need i say more??

Time is on my side again!

I dont know why Im feeling energized even tho im nursing the biggest hangover from last night, drank too much white wine, yummy white wine tho, me and bffs were catching up over a whole lotta Haute Cabriere (mmmm) at studio last night, today i had to wake up for a breakfast thing at 7am, and Anthea nearly disowned me cuz my alarm didnt go off (thought i set it ha!) anyways ya, like i said, energy! maybe its because of that nice royale burger i had earlier, or maybe its from a day of non-productiveness, or maybe im sick of being uninspired, or Im just secretly damn excited about life! blah blah i can go on. my dad once said to me men dont like women who talk too much, pwa! whatevs. my man likes me that way so b b b booya.

so much to blog about. first off. this picture just kills me.

i love people!

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Cheeming Boey creates artworks on styrofoam cups. its impressive actually, cuz its hard to draw on curved surfaces. we've tried that once...

Here's to creativity!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Who says money cant dance?

The naughty boys at INSA are doing it again.

I call myself a new age feminist...tits and ass dont excite me much either. but everytime i see INSA's stuff. i cant help but blush.

their prints are so. nice... i have to share. see more on their blog or site...

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sling it back

Good morning bloggers,

its been a while...
a little update, we're currently in production for our summer i've been fukn busy. the work just never ends. plus its just me in the empire ;) at the moment so, i have to do everything. ag. but all good. love what you do, and look good doing it right? anywho,the other day i twitted that we need to add some sugar and spice to the blog this i invited other fellow bloggers to guest apppear on here. you know, just to broaden the horizons...and Monsieur Polk blessed us with a little witty update on his life...

More to come..

till then, do take care of yourself.


"After coming off second best to a heavy box of sexy magazines, I had
to go to the doctor bitching about a shoulder pain. The pain was a
real ouchy that robbed me of sleep and massage time with my soon to be
born little girl. My super mommylicious wife hooked me up with one of
her killer scarfs, all soft and god knows what colour. Thankfully it
wasn't too metro male despite the tassels. I would have swapped it for
a medical contraption but one look at all these other losers in theirs
I changed my mind. My sling brought sexy back to a really silly
shoulder injury. That doesn't change the fact that Doe needs to stock
these things, just in case some one tries a
Carradine in the back of
their closet, they will at least Doe it in style.

Monsieur Polk"

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hello world, this is me.

Hello bloggerrrrs!
IM back.

Just a quick one to say WHATUP. and Im hating the word "SWAGGER". sigh, us humans have an amazing ability to kill things. like plaid shirts. its OVA now. Don't even bother!

will be back for a more interesting post.


Peace love happiness.