Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Harem pants X leggings

coming soon at Doe...

ps. website will be up and running in a few hours!!!

Oversized Tee

It will forever be my favorite...Jeremy Scott>> a hero of mine.

Pics of the day...

bow tie


Sunday, March 29, 2009

a bloggable experience

Everybody says I'm a silly little girl, I am. in fact, I cannot be any other way. currently, I'm obssessed with "the detox". I'd go for weeks of wild socialising (i.e. riot)>>(apologies to those whose ears i have chewed off while sipping on triple gin), then weeks of "detoxing"...i.e. gym, steamroom, and a bit of that western bougeois activities which involves a spa day with green tea...the list goes on.
Today i had the most delicious massage ever. wow.

"self preservation is a noble instinct"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy friday..

Its friday!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'd like to express my excitement for the Cape Town Jazz Festival...time for some advanced grooving...!

WHO is she??

Guess we will soon find out! Janelle Monae > check how she does the moonwalk.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

when inspiration takes a walk, call on a friend...

Conversation on skype.

[01:59:55 PM] chi says: (chuckle)
[02:00:18 PM] chi says: (chuckle)
[02:00:41 PM] chi says: why dont u smoke a cigarette?
[02:00:44 PM] chi says: (smoking)
[02:01:31 PM] Anthea Poulos says: i have smoked like 10 000, at least some grasses are coming so that 1 hour of amusement
[02:01:46 PM] chi says: ok.
[02:01:56 PM] chi says: why dont u share your obssesion of the week. i wanna blog it.

[02:02:45 PM] Anthea Poulos says: sigh, perhaps i shall send u sum pics of my latest thrill?
[02:03:15 PM] chi says: yes?!
[02:03:27 PM] chi says: perhaps u shall
[02:03:36 PM] Anthea Poulos says: i shall loook

[02:07:50 PM] Anthea Poulos says: sending you a pic of my inspirational person of the day

[02:08:09 PM] chi says: yay!
[02:10:04 PM] chi says: what a fun pikcha!
[02:11:48 PM] chi says: lol!

[02:12:06 PM] chi says: so whos the lady in the pic?
[02:56:01 PM] Anthea Poulos says: the lady is the designer from cassette playa, check out their website for extra details. she's like my her
[02:57:38 PM] chi says: your her?
[02:57:55 PM] Anthea Poulos says: huh?
[02:58:06 PM] Anthea Poulos says: hero
[02:58:15 PM] chi says: oh
[02:58:18 PM] chi says: heehee
[02:58:38 PM] chi says: cool will check it out

[02:58:56 PM] Anthea Poulos says: http://www.cassetteplaya.com/home/

[03:02:06 PM] chi says: ha!
[03:02:17 PM] Anthea Poulos says: 8-|

Friday, March 20, 2009

fatal attraction to cuteness

So "friends with you" (FWY) has released a line of tshirts and sweatshirts with kidrobot. must admit, always had a weakness for cute drawings...and thoughtful designs. nowadays anyone can release a clothing line, as consumers we all can provide market with what we need.whether or not the designs are thoughtful is another question.

but hey, everyone needs a reason to party right?

tagline: separate the lame from the sublime*

Thursday, March 19, 2009

website under construction!

yes things are moving fast. we are currently building a webpage showcasing our tees collection, also the boutique range. keep checking and we will keep u updated.

the fire on table mountain makes me think of what a friend once said about cape town, metaphorically speaking, "The Table" is a battlefield, and there is a constant battle between "the lion" and "the devil", fighting for space. Hence, a tense space, a city of illusion. hmmmmmm........let us ponder.... *giggle*

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hellz yeah!

My favorite ladies streetwear label, Hellz Bellz, released 2008 holiday collection, inspired by Mae West. its not their latest, but im posting it anyway.
tags: Mae West; Hellz Bellz.
The quotes below the images are..."He who hesitates is a damned fool" & "Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often" guess that sums up Hellz's brand philosophy. dope indeed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

cough cough

fresh from my inbox. titled 'cough cough'----from brent in hamburg. cute! haha "warning: smoking kills" tl tl tl

thank you!

Carine Nguz---Our model for the shoot, and designer of the scissorlady range themed "love will tear us apart" (sold out---will be reprinted soon as limited edition). A true warrior princess. a great designer. an amazing friend....ahhhh...the love i feel today. :)

Stylist: Anthea Poulos, my homie and creative partner in business. but fuc bios right. I could go on all day about how amazingly talented this girl is (One small seed, GQ...) but i wont. if you meet her, buy her a drink. and pick her brain. In future you will see more of her work as she takes DOE to a new style high.

I took the photos. ;) love photography. shout outs to my si-fu!

ps. In photo with Anthea, is Brett Rubin,a rising star in fashion photography (click here to see his work) my sifu, a modern day Frank Sinatra, a lover of grace and beauty...and the oldskool.(but not the old fools heehee) He photographed our next series of photo prints. (as a birthday present, thank you B) stay tuned.

Must have jacket from DOE

You simply must have this cool jacket, it has a great cut, gorgeous silk lining, and a large hoodi (we all know how some hoodies are just useless). it comes in 2 colours, black and khaki. personally, i would get both. serryaaaas.


The model, Carine, besides having long legs and a pretty face, she is also the designer behind this range of tees. Doe is inspired and surrounded by talented women, always.


imagine a world without colours?

DOE X Seventies80s

Bubble sleeve cardigan, tshirt, earings- DOE. Sunglasses from Seventies80s.

while stocks last....

Doe Boutique has been stocked at seventies80s (305 long str) for the last two months. a big thank you to everyone who has been supporting. phew, stocks are flying out of the store and currently Im ordering new stuff for winter. stay tuned.. I have decided to build a website for Doe, where you can view our collection, our boutique selections, read blogs, listen to beats, and leave comments &suggestions. so watch this space.
i will be uploading pics of some key items for the upcoming winter (for us southern hemespheric people) in both men and women wear, classic and crazy styles. so keep popin the pop in. :D ahhh. self amusements. gotta love those.