Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Im not afraid to go bright"

my sincerest apologies...

Im here to report and show you the pics of our JHB soft launch, which happened afew lifetimes was doe.p>> many thanks to Kenny and Osmic for letting us use their space, and for hooking us up with Kudzi--artist extraordinaire..who, rolled up his sleeves and shown us what we didnt know a thing about---INSTALLATION----it went very well. many people came. we drank and skanked.

Preparation began on the 2nd (Nov) trying to pull it together for the 5th, as the mayor (zandi) put it, 'the unreasonable woman will insist on adapting the world to herself', we were, a group of unreasonable women, which consisted of--Mayoress of joberg ( Zandi), chairwoman of the board (Sizwe), MD (Phuthi AKA DJ gwai on the night) and myself- the most unreasonable of them all...
But we did it!

Thanks to uncle kenny and uncle os!
DJ Gwai & and Golddigger!
JR for amazing photos!
Lauren, Jake, Nolan, Fuzzy, Chris & Carine!
Sizwe and Zandi!
&everyone who came to support and love.
Doe loves you...

now...whether you like it not, we're gonna take it to the top.

DOE X MarciiGoose

Hello all

It's almost the weekend, that keeps me excited, hold tight.
Anyway just here to tell you that you will be able to buy DOE goods at the MarciiGoose market on Saturday 28th from 10am-3pm at the Labia on Orange Street.
We're going to have all the new prints on sale and this is definately something to be excited about!
So visit the website if you need more info otherwise come and visit us!


Friday, November 20, 2009


yes take anthea out for lunch!

She deserves it.

Doe summer 09 delivery one is finally here!

heres a teaser!

mail us --- you want to buy or sell a doetee.

Happy friday...



guys if you are in Cape Town today you'll know that it is a day of utter perfection. Like ridiculous. If you are in Joburg it is 9 degrees and that sucks...sorry.

anyway the point is this, it is friday and it is awesome outside and i finish work at 13:00 but i am broke and thus cannot go out for a boozy lunch. this is tragic.

please help. this is my official sos. take me to lunch.

happy friday bitches!

p.s. it doesnt have to be as fancy as this picture, but a girl can dream

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Carine (myself) is back in the beautiful city and wanted to share something special with you.. Pon de Floor!!!

Doe Doers, take note, THIS IS THE DOPEST VIDEO I have seen in a while, Africa Magic on Steroids! Sit back , and entertain that business mind.

Nice to see Auntie Yang and the beautiful new prints, hot hot from the oven, thanks to all the talented contributing artists - I have myself reserved a few..

tis wise to follow in my footsteps, y’all know what to do!


Carine @ Doe

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hipsters and Gangsters

So on Saturday night me and our DOE homie MK had a birthday party at Co.Lab (see earlier posts if you don't know what this is). Theme was hipsters & gangsters. Anyway point is the party was kicking and can honestly say it was one of our best birthdays ever. So we were fortunate to have Mr Max Mogale there to party with us and take some pics. I decided to share mt favourite ones with you guys.


Anths xx


Morning people

It is lonely Anthea writing from Cape Town. Aunty is owning Joburg as we speak, had an incredible DOE event last night, look out for pictures soon. And tomorrow our first appearance at Jumble Rumble round 7 go and support us if your in JHB.

Anyway for those of you in Cape Town who know me find me tonight and lets celebrate DOE success.

Happy friday bitches. Proud moment for DOE.


p.s. I stole this picture from Spoek's blog....thanks Nthat I owe you a pic ( )