Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hi, my name is yang, and im bored! yes boredom hits me often. i have short attention span. heres 2 minute of my time, interest me. or not. not to say that people shouldnt do people. just that, why do we, as human beings choose to repeat the same actions over and over expecting a different outcome everytime? some defines it madness. yes and there are many facets to this broad definition. and everything has 2 sides at least. guess my point is, why repeat history?
I used to be a firm believer in tradition. absurdly conservative for a young individual. if i dont have to think, i will just do everything my mother does. but in my mind, i always dreamt of pushing boundaries, be inspired by newness, a different angle, revolutinary thinking...go against the grain...but in my actions i do the contrary...in attempts to please. but then it will always leads me back to this point. BOREDOM. sigh.
im beginning to wonder if this is a classic case of ADD?
and being human, i find myself in a place of uncertainty, of the future. of what it may be, what it may look like, and who we become. my question is, how can we imagine a future if we keep repeating the past?

Dont get me wrong, I am a historian at heart. nothing grabs me more than how and where we came from...and the creativity that had sprung from a time without technology, assumed knowledge and so on. but now im ready to imagine a future.

in fashion, we keep repeating the same eras, some take it for granted that 'it is what it is' , so happens in many other crafts. isnt it just so boring?
'so and so's work has this and that influence' (from the past) and mix and match and voila it is 'fresh' and 'new'!? everyone thinks they have something so different to offer, and that what they do will change things. really? or are we just being vain?

Just a thought, maybe in fashion we should just not wear any clothes for a while, or in architecture we should stop building and start living outside...sky is the roof and earth is our floor. haha hmmm

my point is pointless. but here it is nonetheless important cuz its mine.

New year plans, bold and beautiful. no more holding back, open as many cans of worms as possible...wow its 7pm already, where has time gone...life is short. let me go love it with my friends...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Yours truly

x x

Monday, December 21, 2009

just another friday night

hey, my name is vida and i will now be writing for the doe blog

my friday night..

So there we were standing in the cold outside Assembly, hoping to be the first hundred through the door before having to pay a HUNDRED rand.

Once in, we leave again and head to Kimberley Hotel which welcomes us with cheap drinks, old men and a fresh arrival of 15-year-olds.

After a few drinks we went back to join the now Chevelle crowd at Assembly. I’m trying to remember and set the scene for the night, but all I remember is a lot of gold. Everywhere. Even on the tiny shorts that belonged to the stripper who was dancing on stage.

So my friends and I headed to a safe corner, farthest away from any speaker in order to avoid the terrible and repetitive lounge music. We were joined by the rest of the stunned locals and proceeded to drink.

Then there was Michael...at this point I had tried to use alcohol to savour what was left of the night.

Basically I was wasted.

(Michael: a former one night stand whose looks and conversational skills were a rare change from the generic minds of my usual acquaintances)

So we settled down for a chat and I tried to impress him by telling him about my close friendship with Niskarone which he responed by calling me a name dropper. He then was approached by a beautiful blonde. I sat there for a while able to keep my pride and my balance intact until my ridiculously drunk friend sat down, put her arm around me, and in her best slurred English screamed ‘This is my best friend!!’. At that point he got up and left with the blonde.

I bumped into him later af which point he suggested we leave to go Evol, but I was too busy telling him about my experiences backstage with a crack addict.


The next time we met, I had drunk even more and he said he was tired and wanted to go home.

I begged him to come to Evol.

He refused.

I came up with all possible reasons and all possible scenarios on why he should come and ended off (in my highest and whiniest voice) with:

''doooon't gooooo''

He replied: ''Don’t beg, it’s not your style''

I said: ''Doooont goooo''

After this I made it as hard as possible for him to leave with stupid reasons like: ''Wait! You have to help me find my friend!'' and ''Wait! You have to see my new car!''

After a while he was able to get out of Assembly and safely home.

The girls and I walked in and out of Evol and headed home where I confessed my embarrassing behaviour and stated that all would be fine in the morning.

It wasn’t. I awoke with a sore head and an even more damaged pride.

Which brings me to my point:

Don’t go to bad parties.

Don’t drink too much.

And don’t harass one night stands.

thank god for clothing.

recently the doe people did a really great shoot at the woodstock industrial center which resulted in a long day and my friend half naked infront of the camera.

thank you to max for such a great job and a hole lotta fun.

the photos showing the new designs will be up soon!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

tell you&me&everyone we know

Thank you to those who came to to hangout at the market last saturday!

This Thursday, We are joining Pink Ant at their Studio Christmas sale...
There will be drinks, music, and people!
of course, some more new Doe prints on sale!

Pink Ant studio
D-Floor Adderley Building
25 Adderley Street
Cape Town
(cash only)
check out Pink Ant's stuff here...

mail me if you need more info.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Im not afraid to go bright"

my sincerest apologies...

Im here to report and show you the pics of our JHB soft launch, which happened afew lifetimes ago...it was doe.p>> many thanks to Kenny and Osmic for letting us use their space, and for hooking us up with Kudzi--artist extraordinaire..who, rolled up his sleeves and shown us what we didnt know a thing about---INSTALLATION----it went very well. many people came. we drank and skanked.

Preparation began on the 2nd (Nov) trying to pull it together for the 5th, as the mayor (zandi) put it, 'the unreasonable woman will insist on adapting the world to herself', we were, a group of unreasonable women, which consisted of--Mayoress of joberg ( Zandi), chairwoman of the board (Sizwe), MD (Phuthi AKA DJ gwai on the night) and myself- the most unreasonable of them all...
But we did it!

Thanks to uncle kenny and uncle os!
DJ Gwai & and Golddigger!
JR for amazing photos!
Lauren, Jake, Nolan, Fuzzy, Chris & Carine!
Sizwe and Zandi!
&everyone who came to support and love.
Doe loves you...

now...whether you like it not, we're gonna take it to the top.

DOE X MarciiGoose

Hello all

It's almost the weekend, that keeps me excited, hold tight.
Anyway just here to tell you that you will be able to buy DOE goods at the MarciiGoose market on Saturday 28th from 10am-3pm at the Labia on Orange Street.
We're going to have all the new prints on sale and this is definately something to be excited about!
So visit the website if you need more info otherwise come and visit us!


Friday, November 20, 2009


yes take anthea out for lunch!

She deserves it.

Doe summer 09 delivery one is finally here!

heres a teaser!

mail us --- info@doetees.com----if you want to buy or sell a doetee.

Happy friday...



guys if you are in Cape Town today you'll know that it is a day of utter perfection. Like ridiculous. If you are in Joburg it is 9 degrees and that sucks...sorry.

anyway the point is this, it is friday and it is awesome outside and i finish work at 13:00 but i am broke and thus cannot go out for a boozy lunch. this is tragic.

please help. this is my official sos. take me to lunch.

happy friday bitches!

p.s. it doesnt have to be as fancy as this picture, but a girl can dream

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Carine (myself) is back in the beautiful city and wanted to share something special with you.. Pon de Floor!!!

Doe Doers, take note, THIS IS THE DOPEST VIDEO I have seen in a while, Africa Magic on Steroids! Sit back , and entertain that business mind.

Nice to see Auntie Yang and the beautiful new prints, hot hot from the oven, thanks to all the talented contributing artists - I have myself reserved a few..

tis wise to follow in my footsteps, y’all know what to do!


Carine @ Doe

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hipsters and Gangsters

So on Saturday night me and our DOE homie MK had a birthday party at Co.Lab (see earlier posts if you don't know what this is). Theme was hipsters & gangsters. Anyway point is the party was kicking and can honestly say it was one of our best birthdays ever. So we were fortunate to have Mr Max Mogale there to party with us and take some pics. I decided to share mt favourite ones with you guys.


Anths xx


Morning people

It is lonely Anthea writing from Cape Town. Aunty is owning Joburg as we speak, had an incredible DOE event last night, look out for pictures soon. And tomorrow our first appearance at Jumble Rumble round 7 http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=200998866899&ref=ts go and support us if your in JHB.

Anyway for those of you in Cape Town who know me find me tonight and lets celebrate DOE success.

Happy friday bitches. Proud moment for DOE.


p.s. I stole this picture from Spoek's blog....thanks Nthat I owe you a pic ( http://2faced1.com/blogs/zombo )

Friday, October 23, 2009

"I dont look for trouble, but I allow it to find me"

My friend Ewe and i used to keep a little black book,where we collected favorite oneliners from eachother,ahhh the days of being a spirit.i miss thee ewe!

Anyway, the titled oneliner is somewhat appropriate to describing my life in the past week.
I lost my voice!
cuz just as i recovered from flu i decided to go out and drank about, 100 tequilas last night, and chewed a million people's ears off. and now my voice is so fuct i cant even whisper loudly!


it was a good night, we made a stop by a great new vintage store for their regular thursday dress up evening, they have some amazing items in there. sisters Simone and Bianca travel to Seattle a couple of times a year to collect interesting finds. Prices are good too. so make sometime and go visit them.

the name of the store is "AFRAID OF MICE", 210 Long street, their studio is in one of the suites upstairs.

i love this green leather jacket, again, would do something very stupid to get this.

and after that. we trekked to the Feiyue launch at Astore. it was uber cool. i digged the shoes. and rumour is that some of us are getting free pairs! cant wait. free shoes is the way forward.

photos to follow shortly....but in the mean time, go to their website to see whats cooking.

for photos of Feiyue launch at Astore>>clickhere

Mail from Beijing

My friend Lebo lives in Beijing.
He is a student of film making.
He shot this MV for a Chinese hiphop group called 'in3er' (pronouced, in-san-er, but you have to say it really quickly)
Track title: beijing wanbao, meaning beijing daily--its the name of the local newspaper.

Check it out.

I've missed it

People, it is me, Anthea.
I know I haven't written in the longest time and this morning while I was browsing other blogs I felt kind of stupid for not using this forum to rant about life as I so love to. Anyway so I made a vow not to be irritated by anything today so I can't rant (tomorrow it's on though).

So this is really a message to say I'm back bitches.
I have attached my favourite picture of the week, can't stop staring at it....so enjoy.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

just another wednesday

I've been battling with flu for the past few days, its been a journey and all i wanted was my mommy......after lastnight, i can safely say that im on the road to recovery, FINALLY! yawn........ its so boring to be sick in this 30 degree heat. shoutouts to puti who puts me on this crazy drug benylin4flu, whoa, its crazy, knocked me the F%^%out and this morning i woke up feeling fresh as a daisy. but i had this weird dream last night, that i called myself, and my voice mail is the operator lady saying:"for bad news, press 2" which i did, which lead to my recorded voice saying 'swine flu',(confused, wondering--who gets swineflu these days???) then voice mail lady says:"for more information press 3" at that time i was so freaked out i hungup and called again. change of scene,
im at a seaside bistro in Killarney (Johannesburg, i presume. WTF???maybe the earth is changing) and was standing in front of an amazing corridor, where there're many windows that looks out to the ocean---looked like paintings...at the end of the corridor there was the ocean......any dream interpreters out there??
Dreams are strange. Ive decide to keep a dreambook from now on. cuz damn, maybe thats my real life, who needs a man with all that imagination? ha! (still love you boo x)

so in my sickly state, i dragged my ass to the opening of Takashi Murakami's exhibition last night...loved it. maybe that healed me too. if you're in need of some healing, go check it out...34 on LONG, now until 21 November...

My favorite piece--Nirvana-- i would do something stupid to own this.

These mushrooms always kill me...i thought of my friend sindi when i saw them haha!

There was this stupid woman who kept saying in her Mariah voice:"they look like teletubbies!"----all stupid women should be shot!