Friday, October 22, 2010

Mumbo Jumbo

I havent been bloggin for a while....loving spring time and the great outdoors. Rocking the Daisies was crazy. only fully came back to reality an entire week afterwards. Also, amidst the second wave of twitter addiction hitting me hard (follow @yangiswa for some all day BS and non stop yapping) The Dim Sums were getting much love at the You&Me Market, thanks to those who came and supported, I realised that my true purpose is to feed people. As Bob Marley said, 'a hungry man is an angry man' !!! a way to a man (or just people in general) 's heart is through the stomach. too true. so again, thank you to those who came through, and trust me, more varieties, new and improved recipes coming soon.
Not forgetting Doe, my first born. She is doing it again.
*We're calling for submission to our 2010/11 photo series range.*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some special guest contributors were contacted. If you want to take part in it, please see details here. (excuse the roughness of the site...still tweaking it. but all you need to know is there)

Last update. Our guest blogger Iona, the Danish delight had just returned from Kenya with some amazing jewels and vintage example...

interested? drop me a mail! (there're also clothing items and hats, can organize postal if need be)

Finally, onto what has been fascinating me from around the globe brought to me AND YOU via the great interweb...

Cee Lo Green 'FUCK YOU'- this song makes my day!

Whatelse has been fascinating are these incredible creations by Jean Paul Gautier and La Perla

Citroen X Lacoste
not too sure about the car though. abit too futuristic for my tastebuds...but at the same time, i do like it, never seen anything like it.

Art X Biker Jackets by Sisley
18 artists were invited to interpret the biker jacket for an exhibition hosted by Sisley
* i love this one with the Basquiat piece...

Ksubi 2011 eyewear PLUS campagne concept too dope!

Classic images by the original Melvin Sokolsky. 1963 for Hapers Bazaar...He was a true 'ancient future brother' and definitely on my hero list!

last but not least....Kim Kadashian spotted playing in the ocean with Justin Bieber?!!! I wanna say...........HUH?!!!!!!
We like things!

Happy weekend, as i pack my little bag off to the seaside for a retreat with my piiiiiiiimp crew.

in Okmalumkoolkat's words ok shaap ok shaap! have a good one!

Friday, October 8, 2010

'shes ready to uff again.'

NEWS UPDATE, Piiimp and hype gal Em Kay decided to brave the open mic circle at KOL, and debuted our 2 verses that took a year to complete. It was DOPE! thx KOL, we had too much fun! today's tweets were all about that! we even got guys asking to make us beats! lmao. yea, so this is official annoucement, send your demo to.............we'll get at tl tl.

I still remember the day I first heard Uffie's music, I was way too excited! I get excited about seeing women doing their thing, bringing bold flavours into all kinds of arts. Its a man's world, we cant deny that. We can dress words up all day and call it however we want, as women we have to try that much harder at EVERYTHING! but alas, somebody is not giving an eff and i much admire that quality in these women (Married to the MOB crew for one, Hellz Bellz' founder Lanie, Billionaire Boys Club PR and Jewelry designer Yoon, Mademe Clothing crew, I'm sure many more we dont know about) I admire them for their lack of wanting to please, nor do they want to simply eat, sleep and pray daily...they want more, they crave life and you can see it in their work...

As the birthday came and gone, another year ahead...with age, I'm slowly getting more comfy with my own skin. My head is clearer and I see more. and the rest? as they say, will be history.

if you're going to RTD we'll be there!

this post is dedicated to Zolitha Magengelele- she tells life to chuck at times and does her own thing always. More on her smartass bad self later.