Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Digest Your Dress

By Suraya

Recently, fashion houses like LV and Chanel, and photographers Lisa Edsalv and Fulvio Bonavia, have delved into the topic of Food as Fashion by creating a direct fusion between the two. In my opinion the two go together so well because both can become such fantastic indulgences.

Of course, this opinion isn’t shared by all. Many in the fashion world will tell you that indulging too much in one of these two (EATING!!) will totally affect the ability to indulge in and enjoy the other fully. With fashion on the other hand, the view is completely different, and too much is never enough. In fact, being able to over-indulge is just pure luck, will render you the envy of the town, and is totally beneficial to our endorphin levels…

Perhaps the answer then, is to indulge in the two in similarly cautious and mindful ways. When it comes to food, the I spend the most on those the good stuff. The fresh veg, starches and proteins take up most of my refrigerator, but I also love spoiling myself and eating a really interesting and fun gourmet treat every now and then to keep the palate alive and kicking! And with my fashion palate, it’s no different.

Your staples are best kept selective and classic, with the workhorse pieces being things like those white blouses, those perfect black cigarette jeans, or those boots that you spent a fortune on but have taken you through three winters. On top of that, come the extras that are added in as fashion dictates, and The Fad creates. Depending on what is en mode at the time, I select what to add to my “timeless” collection, instead of getting a zillion things in one week which only look great on me during that week.

So when it comes to food and fashion don’t be afraid to indulge, but remember that overindulging too much in either could be causing you to digest your dress!

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note- I met Suraya around the way, she has a cool sense of style and a smart brain. Doe loves smart brained women. so i asked her to write something for us...and here we are...i think this was a damn good read. thats what you get for being educated. haha. writers are called writers for a reason. hope you liked it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

oh she's back!

'my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. damn right its better yours'

I've always liked Kelis, even tho she is one of my boyfriend's hot dream girl, i dont even wanna get jealous. she is fukn cool! latest reason being- she recently released a new album, and its a completely different sound (havent heard it but looking forward). Its basically a dance album.. &when she was asked about the supposed 'different direction' taken.. She has something like this to say..."I never think like that, if i were to become a lawyer or an accountant now, I would say thats a new direction, but its still music, its like whether if you wear Chanel or Topshop, its still clothes. The point is thats what i like now, and i'm doing it"
there you go, my reason for putting her on my heroine list..
and her dress sense is also just something else!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BLK is back...again

My sifu in photography/good friend (Brett Rubin) seems to be tres busy these days sparkling away with his lady, stylist Nicole Van Heerden/ the girl with sexy shoes, on many levels, this one is the powerhouse dream team's new project... photographing the Blk Book installation by Black Coffee.

Apparently there is an experimental film coming soon, wonder if its showing at a screen near me? because i'd be there in a second. My eyes have always enjoyed looking at Black Coffee's visual affairs.

these days i get so inspired by those who are quietly changing the world...

Peep the little Blk book by Black Coffee


Brett Rubin
Nicole Van Heerden

isnt it nice to have a good picture or two of yourself?

Before i go, I have to remind you to save this link under your favorites.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010



seriously, if i dont have this dog in my life immediately i will never be the same again
need to move into a house so i can take care of it



Anths xx

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fame is Antwerp

During my travels in Europe, i was delighted (batting eyelashes) to have landed in this beautiful town in Belgium. Its very old, like 1800 years old, or even older (wiki this fact, but im 90%sure). Antwerp has many subtle claims to fames, home to some of the greatest artists of the Baroque period, also to the world's contemporary fashion designers and architects, famous art and design schools, museum land, diamond central, and has the most famously delicious waffles, chocolates and fries...and if i were to personify the city, i would imagine it to be a SHE, and she is aging gracefully, she was a glamourous actress a long time ago, now she is always draped in pastel colored silk, and loves sunset walks on the riverbank. She reminded me of sophiscated femininity.

I loved her medieval streets and gothic style architecture. I was lost all the time, following narrow streets getting distracted by details, details, and so much of details! she reminded me to pay attention.

Fashion museum (MOMU) was an interesting place (Antwerp has a museum for everything), an exhibition about black clothing, featuring silhouettes by some of fashion's favorite designers and houses, who have special connection with black...like Chanel, Givenchy, Gareth Pugh and more...there were so much to absorb, to unlearn and to learn!

Think Twice (T2) is an a-m-a-z-i-n-g vintage store, but its not advisable to go there after you have visited the fashion museum, it will be like going grocery shopping on an empty stomach, you will end up bankrupting yourself by buying the whole store--which is what would've happened to me if i had inconveniently brought my cash card.

there are so many experiences i would recommend you to have, like going to the annual fun fair which has been happening for almost a hundred years--buy a beer, get on the carousel and watch the sunset with a friend.... eat loads of candy floss...and waffles and ice cream and fries till your stomach hurts...Go to a hat shop. buy a hat. go to all the galleries (ALL of them)...and they do have a very big H&M there. haha. except for jumping into the river, dont do it, the current will kill you. for real.

guess my point is, when traveling in europe, dont skip Belgium. of course Paris and Berlin are the spots but you will be surprised to find gems along the way, don't be afraid to jump off the train and pick them up.


Doe baby doe baby

I just realised that i actually havent uploaded the actual finished product of this shoot. althou the range had come and gone, these pictures remind me of the whole process of making it a reality, blood sweat tears and money that were poured into it. glad we saw it to the end. more to come!

Thanks Max!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

i cant wait!

Hello bloggersss!

M.I.A dropping her new album!

i love her, for all insane ideas she puts in my head.

so ya, laak i always say, dont waste your time repeating the un neccesary, re producing the same bullshit, or even biting!/jacking other people's ideas.....appropriation can be a fukn ambigious word at times.

this myspace page is crazy. and note lineup on the posters...die antwoord is that big now? wow. i guess its been tried and tested that the real money is in the buseiness of revolution...(haha) so what am i doing selling clothes??

13 july. go on M.I.As myspace page for a online streaming of the new album. or if you roll thick you can buy it now with a credit card and itunes.com


btw, the word 'swagg' is starting to make me nauseous, please dont kill it ppl! its becoming kronch.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

bloody bullshit

Dear brand X

If you are going to ask someone for their professional opinion you should either a)pay them b)pay them in product.

I'm sure this is apparent to you but it feels like you need a reminder.

That is all.