Friday, October 23, 2009

"I dont look for trouble, but I allow it to find me"

My friend Ewe and i used to keep a little black book,where we collected favorite oneliners from eachother,ahhh the days of being a spirit.i miss thee ewe!

Anyway, the titled oneliner is somewhat appropriate to describing my life in the past week.
I lost my voice!
cuz just as i recovered from flu i decided to go out and drank about, 100 tequilas last night, and chewed a million people's ears off. and now my voice is so fuct i cant even whisper loudly!


it was a good night, we made a stop by a great new vintage store for their regular thursday dress up evening, they have some amazing items in there. sisters Simone and Bianca travel to Seattle a couple of times a year to collect interesting finds. Prices are good too. so make sometime and go visit them.

the name of the store is "AFRAID OF MICE", 210 Long street, their studio is in one of the suites upstairs.

i love this green leather jacket, again, would do something very stupid to get this.

and after that. we trekked to the Feiyue launch at Astore. it was uber cool. i digged the shoes. and rumour is that some of us are getting free pairs! cant wait. free shoes is the way forward.

photos to follow shortly....but in the mean time, go to their website to see whats cooking.

for photos of Feiyue launch at Astore>>clickhere

Mail from Beijing

My friend Lebo lives in Beijing.
He is a student of film making.
He shot this MV for a Chinese hiphop group called 'in3er' (pronouced, in-san-er, but you have to say it really quickly)
Track title: beijing wanbao, meaning beijing daily--its the name of the local newspaper.

Check it out.

I've missed it

People, it is me, Anthea.
I know I haven't written in the longest time and this morning while I was browsing other blogs I felt kind of stupid for not using this forum to rant about life as I so love to. Anyway so I made a vow not to be irritated by anything today so I can't rant (tomorrow it's on though).

So this is really a message to say I'm back bitches.
I have attached my favourite picture of the week, can't stop staring at enjoy.

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

just another wednesday

I've been battling with flu for the past few days, its been a journey and all i wanted was my mommy......after lastnight, i can safely say that im on the road to recovery, FINALLY! yawn........ its so boring to be sick in this 30 degree heat. shoutouts to puti who puts me on this crazy drug benylin4flu, whoa, its crazy, knocked me the F%^%out and this morning i woke up feeling fresh as a daisy. but i had this weird dream last night, that i called myself, and my voice mail is the operator lady saying:"for bad news, press 2" which i did, which lead to my recorded voice saying 'swine flu',(confused, wondering--who gets swineflu these days???) then voice mail lady says:"for more information press 3" at that time i was so freaked out i hungup and called again. change of scene,
im at a seaside bistro in Killarney (Johannesburg, i presume. WTF???maybe the earth is changing) and was standing in front of an amazing corridor, where there're many windows that looks out to the ocean---looked like the end of the corridor there was the ocean......any dream interpreters out there??
Dreams are strange. Ive decide to keep a dreambook from now on. cuz damn, maybe thats my real life, who needs a man with all that imagination? ha! (still love you boo x)

so in my sickly state, i dragged my ass to the opening of Takashi Murakami's exhibition last night...loved it. maybe that healed me too. if you're in need of some healing, go check it out...34 on LONG, now until 21 November...

My favorite piece--Nirvana-- i would do something stupid to own this.

These mushrooms always kill me...i thought of my friend sindi when i saw them haha!

There was this stupid woman who kept saying in her Mariah voice:"they look like teletubbies!"----all stupid women should be shot!

Monday, October 19, 2009

high on cough syrup 2

'being creative means not afraid to make mistakes'

"know when to hold them, when to fold them"

"giving up doesnt always mean you're weak, sometimes means you're strong enough to let go.."

high on cough syrup & I love swedish english

At least i think thats a swedish english...came across a blog by a funny girl with imagination for days....she spoke my mind. how often do we wonder who we really are? or everyday we're just showing slices of ourselves. there isnt one self. there're many selves. today its hard to choose one simple identity that represents u fully. so dont kid yourself. we're in the same boat. go through phases and changing faces.... fuc trying to make sense to everyyybody!!! love all your slices!
"work and spend your time and energy on becoming the beauty you wish to see. WORD!"
this girl is adorable and i totally agree!!!

check out her blog and the site 2faced1...if you know whats good for you...its just a friendly advice.

ps. DOE loves you, and is now stocked in PULSATE. go get one...will be in joberg soon to show face. keep coming back, we'll give you more details on our first date in the city of goooold....