Friday, May 29, 2009

Basso & Brooke

Basso & Brooke. Am I the last person to know about it? I love these prints!

Here is my visual feast for the eve.
Signing out...


Nancy Wu Designs

I came across these Nike Remixes by Nancy Wu a while ago, have been meaning to check out her site. impressiveness. her designs show a great sense of humor and equally imaginative. people are so creative out there. anything is possible. This lady has proven that...


Chanel Bag made with beef jerky (biltong)- looks too good to eat

Chair made with soap

v.i.a High Snobette

Inspiration is endless.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS and this is just your personality ----- be sure to check out the 'biography' page.

More to come...


Aspire to be Barbie, the bitch has everything

Our partner in piiimp crime-- PHUTI--- sent me this email today, subject titled "words for women to live by", hilarious---totally dry, but you we can drink it. so i put together some favorite images that best suits these fuck off oneliners that women should live by. just for fun. 'cos we can. Enjoy! have a laugh. life is short. so get over it. take a nap. a tequila. a picture. make love. make war. make babies.

to be continued...



I just wanted to put up these pictures because MOB are a big inspiration for DOE, we we just fuckn love these girls because they get it. To see more visit but for now enjoy these. I WANT IT!!!

I know I'm in my own world, but its ok, they know me here.

Vogue Korea


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

it's just so fucking pretty

ok so this took us a few days but we're finally on it. we've bin offline and for us that's like being stuck in the arctic with no jacket. sigh. but we're back so we're gona catch you up on our weekend vibes. as you may have guessed on friday we went to the launch of the first Nike Sportswear shop on the continent. yes i said continent. you guys are gona lose your head in this store, so we added some product pics to tickle your fancy. but all that aside it was a pretty boss event. Moet on tap, red bull, sushi. yes these people know how to party and that's why we like them. working for nike...the worlds best fucking job yea? i think so! so we made some friends, which we like to do, we big up our boy Hayden who is in the the Nike adverts in store. we just generally had a fuckn boss nite and left with a free t-shirt. yes i said free. so if you're having a down ass day go and torture yourself further with all the nice gear. AND we also include a picture of one of our favourite dj's and homies BINARY rocking our new print at the Step Up party on saturday, mmmm it's so fuckn pretty. SO BUY ONE!!!! email us if you want to look as good as we do.



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Woop woop!

*It has been an eventful weekend. went to nike sports wear store

tried out new curry canteen in town--curry is gooood there, and cheap>> 15 bucks a plate so yummmmm. my new eat out spot!

Also, new prints came out!
here is one Anthea was rocking at the nike sportswear opening. let us know what you think!

Its mid year already,Doe is growing up. :)
We're feeling the love.

word to the piiimp.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Little peoples world

This post goes out to Brent. the krafty hand behind the new DOE prints. Who is all the way in Hamburg and missed by all of us!
Check his blog out---a picture a day keeps the doktors away.

I came across this blog, by a street artist in london who is behind the project "little peole- a tiny street art project" peep it if you like, amazing!

dont we just love the blogosphere.

PS. New prints out next week! get your purses ready pretties... :)

"Tiny land project"

"The inner city snail project"

Thursday, May 21, 2009

is it just me?

this will be short but to the point, has anyone seen the adverts for sta-sof-fro on tv? these adverts have changed my life, i tried to find a video but to no avail. there are 2 of them (adverts that is) one featuring 3 ladies having coffee and discussing their hair, the other is a lady in a laboratory looking very official about life. hit me up if you've seen them or can get hold of the video. STA-SOF-FRO, what an incredible name, rolls off the tongue. gota love it. funniest adverts on television. if you're looking to see them then shut down that dstv and join free viewing like the rest of us. prime time baby.

hit me up


Studio Erwin Olaf

I discovered these 10 minutes ago. Im supposed to write a paper. but here i am. cannot wait to show you. :) some of his work is quite disturbing. but do have a look if you havent and are interested---at studio Erwin Olaf below are images taken for, Versace, Valentino and Lacroix.


Crazy groupies

The story below is purely fictional. well not really. who knows?

i was playing before xxxxx at the xxxxxx birthday party and had left all my stuff behind the DJ bar while i was merrily getting drunk. I suddenly needed money so went to get my purse. after managing to make it through the massive crowd i put my head under the dj booth to get to my stuff. next thing i know xxxxx is standing there looking half bewildered and frightened and there is a young groupie trying to unbutton his trousers. so I look at xxxxxx and say what the fuck are u doing and he realises the blow job situation is dodge and a bad idea and pushes her off. we have a little chat and i tell him hes sleazy and bend down to get out. next thing i know a nice hard green heineken bottle comes flying at my head. This sexually frustrated groupie released her tensions on my head but due to my inebriated state, i only really realised what happened on my way home! cant remember the bitches face.

People really do this shit out there??? I feel so sheltered.

Iona's favorite of the week

Fresh from Denmark.
Word to Iona!

Even on an uninspired day.
Vive. Respira.
keep it moving.


below is the first edition of Sportmax's Carte Blanche project. These prints were produced by artist Christophe Brunnquell, who has consulted for brands such as Balenciaga,Louis Vuitton and Colette. The graphics of these yummy tees are based on the story and character of a Japanese ghost--- Yokai. The entire range of of tees are made with silk.
Sportmax ; Interview with Christophe Brunnquell on Dazed Digital

my life would be infinitely better

people, i am still in bed, cannot seem to get up, have written an angry facebook status which is pretty krunch in itself, MUST CALM DOWN, anyway since I am totally uninspired for the day I was thinking what would make me feel better. both me and aunty agreed new shoes would do the trick. i want any of the ones in the photo....PLEASE!! sigh, ok. for those of you with jobs you can get them at Shelflife on 119 Loop street. As for me, i'm gona keep dreaming.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What it is

Posted by: Chi
Mood: Serious

When I decided to feature some of my favorite photographers here today, i immediately thought of Terry Richardson, I think I'm always drawn to people who are extremely, excessively creative and have the energy to prove it. that extra bit of courage and madness adds to it. people who say "what the hell. why not?!" to life. they may seem inappropriate to the some, but for me, there's truth in this madness (i dont mean the serial killer type madness). I was reading this extract the other day in a book about ZEN teachings---it says>> for example, there are three basic functions to the human forearm, lift, twist and drop. on a scientific level, we judge them to be 'normal' functions. but, the real 'normal' function of the forearm, is "to move freely". So, we exclaim when we see the body work of an acrobat...shouting out "thats crazy!" guess what im trying to say is, theres no doubt the mind can push the body's limits, and we know that. But, how often do we trap ourselves in our minds? overthinking about stuff and end up paralyzing our bodies?

dont mean to go Dr. Zen on you. just really digging Terry Richardson's work. thats all.

ps. these photos were taken in Hong Kong, a place I spent some of childhood in>> Its a concrete jungle. also the coolest fishing village in the world. the reason i chose these to post, is because I fuckING miss home today! sob

More of his work here. Or his new work for French Vogue feat. LV here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


These are some of my [least] favorite things---

the content below has very little political correctness. parental guidance is adviced.

Posted by: Chi
Mood: moody
Listening to: Delta 5 - 'Mind your own business'

1. mini denim skirts-- not only me, many designers feel that mini denim skirts are very UNflattering to the female body, think about it like this, its a big triangle hanging in the middle of your body, nah. but, i love those little mini pencil skirts, high waited or mini flaired skirts, especially wear them with nice tights and boots or sneakers----

2. Kanye glasses-- they just look crazy man...they make you look like you have problems. plus, the hype is over now. even Kanye has moved on, why holding on? regardless tho, if they mean A LOT to you, ignore what i said.

3. belt in hoop-- this one is for the ladies, think seriously before you slot your belts in hoops. some hoops are not meant to be tampered with.

confident style is conscious style. Doe wants whats best for you. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Unkle Sam and I

Based on true story.

one day (7 years ago), I went to this party and and i saw Samuel L Jackson there sitting at the bar by his lonesome. Didnt recognize him, so i ordered a drink (a water i promise). as i turned around still not recognizing him, only saw an old man, thinking to myself: damn shouldn u be home with your wife and kids? and began this conversation---

S= uncle sam Y= me

Y: hey, whats your name?
S: My name is Sam.
Y: oh you're American!
S: yes I am.
Y: uncle sam! hahaha!
(my friend Bianca stood behind him at this point, and pointing at him and mouthed to me----'samuel l jackson! samuel l jackson!'
Y: you're an actor!
S: yes i am!
Y: i've seen you in movies!
S: oh yeah?
Y: yeah, Antoine Fisher.
S: That was Danzel Washinton.
Y: oh sorry, Changing Lanes with Matt Damon.
S: no that was with Ben Affleck.
Y (sweat, how can i get outta this)
Y: Pulp Fiction!
S: Bingo! that was me!



can you say nightmare?

there is something i need to raise because it just breaks my heart. we all know that the nightmare before christmas is a fuckn epic movie, but it was been turned into a cult by your everyday mall goth. which is fine, it totally deserves the status. however what it does not deserve is to be worn on bad clothing by krunch people. over the weekend i saw a myriad of people wearing everything from bags to hoodies, and out to a party even! when will this phase be over, when will the madness stop! take a motherfucking stand on bad taste!

DOE reserves the right to disallow anyone from wearing DOE if they have a krunch item like the one in the picture.

also let it be known that the bad clothes are in no way related to the doe.peness of the movie. so don't start sending me stupid emails defending ur childhood favourite.

fists in the air.


Sunday, May 17, 2009


What a weekend. recap.
sloshup every night. have a massive headache.
these are not even good times. just good pass times.
Cape Town is a whole lotta bull sometimes,
power struggles prevails.
some people are shortsighted.
others are wallowing.
we need to get our shit right.
also need a mid night dim sum spot.
nonetheless, saw some of favorite people.
lost my mind for a minute.
so that was fun.
signing out from a tired me-----Yang x x