Monday, March 16, 2009

thank you!

Carine Nguz---Our model for the shoot, and designer of the scissorlady range themed "love will tear us apart" (sold out---will be reprinted soon as limited edition). A true warrior princess. a great designer. an amazing friend....ahhhh...the love i feel today. :)

Stylist: Anthea Poulos, my homie and creative partner in business. but fuc bios right. I could go on all day about how amazingly talented this girl is (One small seed, GQ...) but i wont. if you meet her, buy her a drink. and pick her brain. In future you will see more of her work as she takes DOE to a new style high.

I took the photos. ;) love photography. shout outs to my si-fu!

ps. In photo with Anthea, is Brett Rubin,a rising star in fashion photography (click here to see his work) my sifu, a modern day Frank Sinatra, a lover of grace and beauty...and the oldskool.(but not the old fools heehee) He photographed our next series of photo prints. (as a birthday present, thank you B) stay tuned.

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Suavé said...

Waddup doe*starz!