Monday, August 3, 2009

Doe found a new home!

On Saturday night, we opened our new studio- co.lab to the public. it is also Doe's new office. The response was phenomenal. Thanks to those who made it. and those who didnt, or forgot to, or not in town/country, YOU SUCK!

shout out to the co.lab boys- stay tuned on for news.

come for a visit!
62 Roeland Street

posted by: Yang


Suavé said...

Yessus, I got BIG eyes. Always catches me off guard when i see pics of myself. Any ways, nicely done on Saturday DOEs. I had a killa as time! Whens the next one?

zee said...

eh guys. I don't think that blog address is correct...

Doe collective----Piiimp said...



thanks :)

luminous said...

yeah i was a bit confused there..the space is dope as fuck btw