Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Im not afraid to go bright"

my sincerest apologies...

Im here to report and show you the pics of our JHB soft launch, which happened afew lifetimes was doe.p>> many thanks to Kenny and Osmic for letting us use their space, and for hooking us up with Kudzi--artist extraordinaire..who, rolled up his sleeves and shown us what we didnt know a thing about---INSTALLATION----it went very well. many people came. we drank and skanked.

Preparation began on the 2nd (Nov) trying to pull it together for the 5th, as the mayor (zandi) put it, 'the unreasonable woman will insist on adapting the world to herself', we were, a group of unreasonable women, which consisted of--Mayoress of joberg ( Zandi), chairwoman of the board (Sizwe), MD (Phuthi AKA DJ gwai on the night) and myself- the most unreasonable of them all...
But we did it!

Thanks to uncle kenny and uncle os!
DJ Gwai & and Golddigger!
JR for amazing photos!
Lauren, Jake, Nolan, Fuzzy, Chris & Carine!
Sizwe and Zandi!
&everyone who came to support and love.
Doe loves you...

now...whether you like it not, we're gonna take it to the top.

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Sindiso Khumalo said...

awesome. awesome. awesome.