Tuesday, April 20, 2010

updates & new moon

y'all must be wondering what the crap is going on huh?
well i'm here to tell you that i'm still here, just tryna keep up with crazy lifestyle, unpacking, moving house blah blah blah.
aunty has decided to extend her trip so she's not back yet (you could call it false alarm friday).
anyway random crush update, the fancy illustrator came into my office on friday!! almost fainted off my chair. plus i saw dog guy at neighbourhood on friday night, exciting friday i know ;) all this amongst buying art, midday drunkness and airport missions.
my new couch came yesterday so i am beyond excited! i am going to make a roast chicken to celebrate (it seems like a reasonably homely thing to do right?).
oooo also I watched New Moon on sunday night (wow), I'm not even going to front, I am a big fan of the twilight books (BIG), but the Twilight movie was CRAP, however if I can just say New Moon was pretty AWWWEESOME. yes i know, i feel like a teenager again (it might have something to do with the unreasonabley goodlooking men in the movie too). even bella's dad was starting to look not so bad. point is that it made me think i am going to die alone, GAWSH! who can remember the last time someone looked at them like jake or edward look at bella. I MEAN HELLO?!?! Is it just me? No, it's hollywood, i know, but i'm totally buying the hype.


anths xxx

p.s. this pic of jake is totally the moment in the film when you realise he totally isn't actually and you actually want to jump him.

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