Wednesday, May 12, 2010

yes almost time

yoooooo! as we speak im in Dubai on the way back. 2 months of traveling and home loving has been tooo good for me. im tired and sad but also happy and excited...aish! who knew how much we can feel in one moment???

more updates to come...just wanna say shout out to anthea(massive lovexxxxxxx) for holding the blog down while i was in censorship land- totally lack of self confidence, china needs to get their shit together. and trust more. trust is the word of the day.

anyway, just gonna sneak in a little what will happen soon...
1. we said we will throw a massive party when blog hits 1o ooo...well, u know, wait for it
2. 'DOE supply~members only' coming soon. you will find special items collected by me in asialand at very very good prices.

shoptalk aside. its good to be back on the interweb properly. although i must say the chinese version of Facebook is just as fun. Kaixinwang

nothing but love...

Yang x

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