Thursday, June 24, 2010

the world is right again

so y'all must have been wondering what the dam hell happened to the doe bitches?
i know i know. we apologise. aunty is once again away from the motherland and busy throwing shapes with good looking europeans. flippn heck. i just want her to come and alread. sigh. ANYWAY poopy is back so that's worth mentioning. what else is worth mentioning is that last night at the puma kehinde wiley exhibit i saw kimora lee simmon s and husband djimon hounsou. now i know we're meant to not care about things like there but here the truth. it's pretty damn cool to see them. for whatever bizarre reason it is. ANYWAY kids. I miss my friend Brent in germany, I even dreamt about him last night. aunty got to see him so hopefully she gave him love from me.
i promise to be back soon and for now have a little cupcake apology from me...


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