Thursday, August 19, 2010

La vida loca

I'm a photo nut. I look at pictures 90 percent of my time on the net. My preferences for photographs...well, none. I guess as long as I am moved. The moment my eyes catches that of the image capturer's, i'm sold. My point is, there is no right or wrong to look at images, the moment belongs to you, no one can take it away from you. I think thats why i love photography. It gives me freedom and a little privacy. For years, my 'sifu' always tells me to keep looking at pictures everyday, he said the eyes are like any muscles in your body, you have to keep exercising it to keep it fit and day, you will realize what kind of aesthetics you prefer..

..still looking...
for years, loved and obsessed over a lot of different kinds of images. What always grabs me, what i often get so organically, is that of the unpretentious, documentary style, off beat and cold toned, or high contrasted black and white images that surrounds a raw subject matter, something that feels really honest.

I fall in and out of love with some favorites of mine, as I engage in my mind with my own growth and constant changes in my views. I always come back to the same place, where I want truth to be told, where things are a little less glossy, a little more open is what I want.

In case you start wondering if I'm still talking about photography. I am. I've decided to profile some of my favorite-photographers -of- the -moment here. So first up >>

Amanda Lopez

She was born and grew up in Cali, USA. Started taking photographs at a young age. Worked, developed and exhibted in LA and the Bay Area...shot for XXL, Vibe and shown with Hamburgereye and Upperplayground (ask the Shelflife peeps for books if you want more info). I could get all academic on her work but you can see for yourself. She is definitely part of the raw movement, some of her images bring up uneasiness that isn't pretty for all, but she manages to bring it back to a place of beauty and strength, which is a rare talent...

> Peep some more of her work here, be sure to check out her 'true story series' featuring her travels through her beat up Vans.
> She has a sifu too, more like was an assistant to the one and only Estevan Oriol, whom we featured here a while ago. But you can go here for more of his work.
> Yo! Ape Town has recently featured his new project here.
> Last but not least, her blog...

see! dreams do come true.


bsama said...

the fifth photo is of ladytragik , you should check out some of her photography on tumblr - she's mad cool

Doe said...

will look her up. good looking out!