Friday, October 8, 2010

'shes ready to uff again.'

NEWS UPDATE, Piiimp and hype gal Em Kay decided to brave the open mic circle at KOL, and debuted our 2 verses that took a year to complete. It was DOPE! thx KOL, we had too much fun! today's tweets were all about that! we even got guys asking to make us beats! lmao. yea, so this is official annoucement, send your demo to.............we'll get at tl tl.

I still remember the day I first heard Uffie's music, I was way too excited! I get excited about seeing women doing their thing, bringing bold flavours into all kinds of arts. Its a man's world, we cant deny that. We can dress words up all day and call it however we want, as women we have to try that much harder at EVERYTHING! but alas, somebody is not giving an eff and i much admire that quality in these women (Married to the MOB crew for one, Hellz Bellz' founder Lanie, Billionaire Boys Club PR and Jewelry designer Yoon, Mademe Clothing crew, I'm sure many more we dont know about) I admire them for their lack of wanting to please, nor do they want to simply eat, sleep and pray daily...they want more, they crave life and you can see it in their work...

As the birthday came and gone, another year ahead...with age, I'm slowly getting more comfy with my own skin. My head is clearer and I see more. and the rest? as they say, will be history.

if you're going to RTD we'll be there!

this post is dedicated to Zolitha Magengelele- she tells life to chuck at times and does her own thing always. More on her smartass bad self later.


urbanmosadi said...

To seeing more clearly with each passing year and saluting all the dope 'mosadi's' pushing all types of envolopes. Happy bday Aunty (:

Doe said...

Thank you!