Saturday, November 6, 2010

me and this shirt have great plans for the future (shopping cart item 1)

by Chloe Townsend's Missibaba

I met Di when we were both teenagers, it was high school. she was among my first friends in SA. I remember she was one of the smart kids in class, she even took computer science as a subject. I did too. #geeksunite! She used to literally do my homework for me. She was so good at Playstation games that she could thrash all the boys, if we did have any at school...

When I last saw her at the You & Me Market I was surprised to find out that she has decided to brave the world of fashion leaving behind the stressful life as a computer genius.

She always had impeccable taste in clothes. Her dress sense is that of the clean &classic aesthetic without being too minimal. Loads of tailored &detailed items to add sophistication to an otherwise bland combination. yep, she definitely has a good eye, maybe two.

just a side note, I can totally rock some of these sleek basics with sneakers and a 'comme' cardi.

I'm excited for Di (also known as Diana Spicer), all the best on ze new adventure!

* as i place that lovely white pleated shirt into cart........

Diana Spicer, Spence

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