Monday, December 21, 2009

just another friday night

hey, my name is vida and i will now be writing for the doe blog

my friday night..

So there we were standing in the cold outside Assembly, hoping to be the first hundred through the door before having to pay a HUNDRED rand.

Once in, we leave again and head to Kimberley Hotel which welcomes us with cheap drinks, old men and a fresh arrival of 15-year-olds.

After a few drinks we went back to join the now Chevelle crowd at Assembly. I’m trying to remember and set the scene for the night, but all I remember is a lot of gold. Everywhere. Even on the tiny shorts that belonged to the stripper who was dancing on stage.

So my friends and I headed to a safe corner, farthest away from any speaker in order to avoid the terrible and repetitive lounge music. We were joined by the rest of the stunned locals and proceeded to drink.

Then there was this point I had tried to use alcohol to savour what was left of the night.

Basically I was wasted.

(Michael: a former one night stand whose looks and conversational skills were a rare change from the generic minds of my usual acquaintances)

So we settled down for a chat and I tried to impress him by telling him about my close friendship with Niskarone which he responed by calling me a name dropper. He then was approached by a beautiful blonde. I sat there for a while able to keep my pride and my balance intact until my ridiculously drunk friend sat down, put her arm around me, and in her best slurred English screamed ‘This is my best friend!!’. At that point he got up and left with the blonde.

I bumped into him later af which point he suggested we leave to go Evol, but I was too busy telling him about my experiences backstage with a crack addict.


The next time we met, I had drunk even more and he said he was tired and wanted to go home.

I begged him to come to Evol.

He refused.

I came up with all possible reasons and all possible scenarios on why he should come and ended off (in my highest and whiniest voice) with:

''doooon't gooooo''

He replied: ''Don’t beg, it’s not your style''

I said: ''Doooont goooo''

After this I made it as hard as possible for him to leave with stupid reasons like: ''Wait! You have to help me find my friend!'' and ''Wait! You have to see my new car!''

After a while he was able to get out of Assembly and safely home.

The girls and I walked in and out of Evol and headed home where I confessed my embarrassing behaviour and stated that all would be fine in the morning.

It wasn’t. I awoke with a sore head and an even more damaged pride.

Which brings me to my point:

Don’t go to bad parties.

Don’t drink too much.

And don’t harass one night stands.

thank god for clothing.

recently the doe people did a really great shoot at the woodstock industrial center which resulted in a long day and my friend half naked infront of the camera.

thank you to max for such a great job and a hole lotta fun.

the photos showing the new designs will be up soon!