Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hi, my name is yang, and im bored! yes boredom hits me often. i have short attention span. heres 2 minute of my time, interest me. or not. not to say that people shouldnt do people. just that, why do we, as human beings choose to repeat the same actions over and over expecting a different outcome everytime? some defines it madness. yes and there are many facets to this broad definition. and everything has 2 sides at least. guess my point is, why repeat history?
I used to be a firm believer in tradition. absurdly conservative for a young individual. if i dont have to think, i will just do everything my mother does. but in my mind, i always dreamt of pushing boundaries, be inspired by newness, a different angle, revolutinary thinking...go against the grain...but in my actions i do the contrary...in attempts to please. but then it will always leads me back to this point. BOREDOM. sigh.
im beginning to wonder if this is a classic case of ADD?
and being human, i find myself in a place of uncertainty, of the future. of what it may be, what it may look like, and who we become. my question is, how can we imagine a future if we keep repeating the past?

Dont get me wrong, I am a historian at heart. nothing grabs me more than how and where we came from...and the creativity that had sprung from a time without technology, assumed knowledge and so on. but now im ready to imagine a future.

in fashion, we keep repeating the same eras, some take it for granted that 'it is what it is' , so happens in many other crafts. isnt it just so boring?
'so and so's work has this and that influence' (from the past) and mix and match and voila it is 'fresh' and 'new'!? everyone thinks they have something so different to offer, and that what they do will change things. really? or are we just being vain?

Just a thought, maybe in fashion we should just not wear any clothes for a while, or in architecture we should stop building and start living outside...sky is the roof and earth is our floor. haha hmmm

my point is pointless. but here it is nonetheless important cuz its mine.

New year plans, bold and beautiful. no more holding back, open as many cans of worms as possible...wow its 7pm already, where has time gone...life is short. let me go love it with my friends...

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