Friday, February 26, 2010

Doe making waves!

The 'secret project' we were working on, revealed in full last night at the Design Indaba opening party. so much of excitement we cannot think of words to describe just how good we felt when Waves (Popskarr) walked on stage rocking a DOE creation!

Besides everything running late (including the party- wonder if the Flux Trends conference had anything to do with it?-cant help it.' tis a jungle out there')

we were happy with the end product.


'behind the scenes'

>> 'the ODC gon get u baby!!' ( Origami Diamond Crew!)

waves says he doesnt do shoutouts. so im gonna shout out for him- thanks to Anthea& Adel for the driving, sewing, supergluing and company and support, Em Kay, Ish, Poopy & Saf for rocking the diamonds! Doe-stas you're my rock! ps. Thank u to Anthony for giving us the sweater to work with :) time for a 2bop x Doe collaboration, no?

Watch this space

>> yang


zee said...

too dope or should i say doe-p. nice one ladies.

Thithi said...

Love it.Dopeness. Doe...we love you