Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time is on my side again!

I dont know why Im feeling energized even tho im nursing the biggest hangover from last night, drank too much white wine, yummy white wine tho, me and bffs were catching up over a whole lotta Haute Cabriere (mmmm) at studio last night, today i had to wake up for a breakfast thing at 7am, and Anthea nearly disowned me cuz my alarm didnt go off (thought i set it ha!) anyways ya, like i said, energy! maybe its because of that nice royale burger i had earlier, or maybe its from a day of non-productiveness, or maybe im sick of being uninspired, or Im just secretly damn excited about life! blah blah i can go on. my dad once said to me men dont like women who talk too much, pwa! whatevs. my man likes me that way so b b b booya.

so much to blog about. first off. this picture just kills me.

i love people!

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Monsieur Polk said...

OK Blazaaam, that was so other other inser stuff, inspired. Ouch, my shoulder.

Doe collective----Piiimp said...

whats happening to your shoulder??