Thursday, September 17, 2009

Melodic words

"Im tired of these men that send out pheramones saying “you need me, you want me, you need me, you want me”.

There are too many insecure men that do this so they dont feel alone…its a horrible program, its not the truth.

If a person is coming from truth, they wouldnt come from those types of pheramones. They would come from a place where He recognizes you and You recognize Him, not just that you need and want him. There is someting very empty in that, and its always going to leave one person in that needing and longing place again.

So to all my girls out there that keep coming to me with these sorry ass stories, make the change! Its time to Practice the art of Love….find someone that you can practice love with."

Wise words from designer Melody Ehsani

post: Yang

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