Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sling it back

Good morning bloggers,

its been a while...
a little update, we're currently in production for our summer range..so i've been fukn busy. the work just never ends. plus its just me in the empire ;) at the moment so, i have to do everything. ag. but all good. love what you do, and look good doing it right? anywho,the other day i twitted that we need to add some sugar and spice to the blog this week.so i invited other fellow bloggers to guest apppear on here. you know, just to broaden the horizons...and Monsieur Polk blessed us with a little witty update on his life...

More to come..

till then, do take care of yourself.


"After coming off second best to a heavy box of sexy magazines, I had
to go to the doctor bitching about a shoulder pain. The pain was a
real ouchy that robbed me of sleep and massage time with my soon to be
born little girl. My super mommylicious wife hooked me up with one of
her killer scarfs, all soft and god knows what colour. Thankfully it
wasn't too metro male despite the tassels. I would have swapped it for
a medical contraption but one look at all these other losers in theirs
I changed my mind. My sling brought sexy back to a really silly
shoulder injury. That doesn't change the fact that Doe needs to stock
these things, just in case some one tries a
Carradine in the back of
their closet, they will at least Doe it in style.

Monsieur Polk"

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