Friday, October 23, 2009

"I dont look for trouble, but I allow it to find me"

My friend Ewe and i used to keep a little black book,where we collected favorite oneliners from eachother,ahhh the days of being a spirit.i miss thee ewe!

Anyway, the titled oneliner is somewhat appropriate to describing my life in the past week.
I lost my voice!
cuz just as i recovered from flu i decided to go out and drank about, 100 tequilas last night, and chewed a million people's ears off. and now my voice is so fuct i cant even whisper loudly!


it was a good night, we made a stop by a great new vintage store for their regular thursday dress up evening, they have some amazing items in there. sisters Simone and Bianca travel to Seattle a couple of times a year to collect interesting finds. Prices are good too. so make sometime and go visit them.

the name of the store is "AFRAID OF MICE", 210 Long street, their studio is in one of the suites upstairs.

i love this green leather jacket, again, would do something very stupid to get this.

and after that. we trekked to the Feiyue launch at Astore. it was uber cool. i digged the shoes. and rumour is that some of us are getting free pairs! cant wait. free shoes is the way forward.

photos to follow shortly....but in the mean time, go to their website to see whats cooking.

for photos of Feiyue launch at Astore>>clickhere

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