Monday, October 19, 2009

high on cough syrup & I love swedish english

At least i think thats a swedish english...came across a blog by a funny girl with imagination for days....she spoke my mind. how often do we wonder who we really are? or everyday we're just showing slices of ourselves. there isnt one self. there're many selves. today its hard to choose one simple identity that represents u fully. so dont kid yourself. we're in the same boat. go through phases and changing faces.... fuc trying to make sense to everyyybody!!! love all your slices!
"work and spend your time and energy on becoming the beauty you wish to see. WORD!"
this girl is adorable and i totally agree!!!

check out her blog and the site 2faced1...if you know whats good for you...its just a friendly advice.

ps. DOE loves you, and is now stocked in PULSATE. go get one...will be in joberg soon to show face. keep coming back, we'll give you more details on our first date in the city of goooold....

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