Monday, March 8, 2010


some of you may or may not have noticed that cape town was a little hot over the weekend.
those of you not in cape town just to give you some insight, WE ALMOST DIED OF HEATSTROKE. It was 32 degrees at 22:00 last night, i mean really. anyway hot sundays can go either way can't they? we made it go the right one. afternoon swimming and the most epic evening braai of all time. i really don't want to sound cheezy but there's no other way, it was such a fuckn great day. night swimming at our friends old house which is now his moms office which happens to have an epic view of the whole city and mountain etc. i don't even have pictures. i just wanted to share the pure joy with y'all.

so what's the point of all this? appreciate your friends. get to know people better. open your mind. and swim at night.

hope your monday is looking smooth

anths xx

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ishsha said...

oh... no invite for ish. again :(