Thursday, March 11, 2010

my week

I have NO idea how it got to be Thursday already, but I guess that's nothing to complain about.
I am actually broke so pretty excited for the month to be running away with itself. Got a trip to the bush next week so pretty excited about all that, so good to get out of the city and catch up with friends. Anywaaaaay it's been a pretty good week, got some new gear so that was nice. Am missing aunty though, keep driving past the turnoff to her house and getting emotional!
Tonight we're going to Stellenbosch for first night out there ever, I'm kind of afraid. Have no idea what to expect other than cane & creamsoda. but anywaaaaay.
so you may have noticed I keep loading videos etc, it's also because I have no idea how to use the song player (aunty is the tech support over herrrrre).

so this week has been all about Little Dragon . I am actually mildly obsessed. So here are 2 of my favourite songs. enjoy it, hope it helps you usher in the weekend.

promise to keep you posted about the Bosch.

anths xx

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