Thursday, July 8, 2010

i cant wait!

Hello bloggersss!

M.I.A dropping her new album!

i love her, for all insane ideas she puts in my head.

so ya, laak i always say, dont waste your time repeating the un neccesary, re producing the same bullshit, or even biting!/jacking other people's ideas.....appropriation can be a fukn ambigious word at times.

this myspace page is crazy. and note lineup on the posters...die antwoord is that big now? wow. i guess its been tried and tested that the real money is in the buseiness of revolution...(haha) so what am i doing selling clothes??

13 july. go on M.I.As myspace page for a online streaming of the new album. or if you roll thick you can buy it now with a credit card and

btw, the word 'swagg' is starting to make me nauseous, please dont kill it ppl! its becoming kronch.


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