Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BLK is back...again

My sifu in photography/good friend (Brett Rubin) seems to be tres busy these days sparkling away with his lady, stylist Nicole Van Heerden/ the girl with sexy shoes, on many levels, this one is the powerhouse dream team's new project... photographing the Blk Book installation by Black Coffee.

Apparently there is an experimental film coming soon, wonder if its showing at a screen near me? because i'd be there in a second. My eyes have always enjoyed looking at Black Coffee's visual affairs.

these days i get so inspired by those who are quietly changing the world...

Peep the little Blk book by Black Coffee


Brett Rubin
Nicole Van Heerden

isnt it nice to have a good picture or two of yourself?

Before i go, I have to remind you to save this link under your favorites.


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