Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hank Willis Thomas exhibition @ Goodman Gallery

Max and I were at The Boogie last week, and ran into an artist from New York. We had a great convo about lotsa things, life, people, art, the term contemporary, photography. Although I had a bit more gluwein than i should in the afternoon, due to passing learners celebrations avec Carine. I do remember a lot of the conversation. It was, as they say, enlightening.
Hank is a photo conceptualist. is it somewhat like an art director?

In this show titled "All things being equal", he simply explored the language of the Advert, how the Ad is so embedded in our everyday thinking, that using this language to express visually can reach more audience. He based his ideas of this show on the concept of race. re exploring race in this modern visual language shed a new light on, in my opinion, how ideas of race have transformed but still so relevant in our lives. Which i thought was impressive. clean, simple, gets under your skin. A man of few words, but every word weighs a great deal. I was learning.

Unfortunately no snapshots of the social aspect of the opening. But you can go here for some.
go see it, i think it will last till first week of October.

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