Friday, September 10, 2010

tomorrow is about You&me&everyone we know

Thats where I'll be tomorrow...hanging out with the good people at the 'You&me&everyone we know' market. This year, it will be curated by Marcii Goose and Adel Snyders. Bringing you loads of vintage fashion, art, collectibles, designed goodies and niknaks; of course food and cocktails will await you at arrival.

So come around to join us for a day in the sun>> 11.09.10 Labia on Orange between 10 and 5pm.

Top things to do when there>>

look out for the Touch Heart Dim Sum stand. ;-)
try on a Moth jumpsuit
buy a 2Bop sweater
get a cocktail or two from a guy named Rudi.

Happy Friday!


REMY GOLD said...

Cocktails are not free!!!
They will be R25 a pop!!
Mojito,Mule,Pink Gin etc
Also will have super bock(portugese)
beer for sale.(R12)

mylondonshopper said...

whoop whoop!

mylondonshopper said...

i'll be there. like a square bear. x