Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JR 2010- 'Unframed'

Hello all, I have the worst hay fever of the (i will repeat) WORST kind. I feel that my nose is about to fall off. Spring is pretty but, not so in my world! I would actually do a rain dance if it does rain in Cape Town tonight, because I need them damn pollen to be washed away!!!! agggg man. here's to spring...yay. and to trees being killed in the form of tissues and my brain crying a river.
nonetheless. I only stumbled upon this today, im sure its not new news to most..i shall share it anyway...

Street artist JR's new series called 'Unframed', taking source images by Man Ray, Copa and Salgado etc. and pasting them in different spaces around the world, giving new meanings and contexts to the same places.
These were done in an Images festival at a small Swiss town. word on the street is that he will take the project around the world.
Interesting and very cool.

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