Friday, July 10, 2009

Got my VICE, have you?


piiimp ant has been amusing me with her freakin hilarious posts. so i didnt want to disturb, cuz she be on a roll. but just wanna sneak in and say WORDUP! and THANK GOD IS FRIDAY!

so Iona, our Danish delight, has returned from Chile, her travel stories X photos will be posted soon...

Also, we're running a competition, well, sort of, its called "win a date with Anthea", no Im not pimping her, its just that we had a conversation the other day---she said to me:"Aunty please find me a boyfriend!" I didnt know what to say to that, except "niece, why cant you find one for yourself?", then she insisted, " please i want you to find me one!" so here you are, leave a comment, mail us, call us, text us if you will be keen to go on a date with Ant, BUT WE'RE SERIOUS. just do it. this winter is COLD

so here is the deal, tell us why u want to go on a date with her, then we'll choose a few finalists and drinks will be held at a later stage, time and place to be announced. then, who knows, exchange a few numbers, addresses, and...i dont know what other things young people exchange these days? you never know, it could be 'match made in heaven!'

Remember, I'm serious as your life. Help a loving aunt out.

Go get a Vice magazine today, its beautiful!


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