Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jumble Rumble

Friends from Joberg have started this monthly thing, Jumble Rumble, where you can buy local fashion and party with your friends at the same time. I've never been to one, but from what i hear, it sounds like a mini trade fair, or a yardsale of some sort. next time I'm in the city, will definitely make sure i go to one.

Anyway, JR- an old friend from Cape Town reloated to Joberg, and has been busy. I stole these pics from his facebook album>> reasons as follow: the girl in the first picture is one of my bestest Sizwe, and she is looking so gorge in the pic; Then its Zee, who is rocking a Doe tee, I love you Zee!; besides having such fly friends on them, i also really like these pictures, the frame, the spacey feel, people's facial expressions...OKAY JR!

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antheap said...

you guys all look so great in these pics