Saturday, July 11, 2009

hippy m*thefkr

I had a super fun time last night dancing to the new young pony club dj set at the VICE SA launch. Fukn proud moment to see something so spiffy coming from our humble and talented shores. But that aside I just want to say how much I am annoyed by motherfukn hippies who insist on dancing around in a circle holding hands like its a fukn playground. DANCEfloor, understand? Not spiritual expression floor. And when you knock my R3000 Chanel glasses off my face cause you bumped into me, who is gona pay for that?! NOT ME FUCKER!

So next time one of you hemp sacrf wearing, chickpea eating folk want to join the party FEEL FREE, I love you, as long as you can learn to keep the dancefloor for dancing only. Save the madness for a forest somewhere.

just a thought.

Anths xx

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