Thursday, July 9, 2009

pork sausages

Well I have returned from a night of drinking, shock, anyway it is now 2:05 and I have realised that in fact I am quite hungry. true story. but I have no food in the house, but I want to tell you about what I want. I want pork sausages. Now I know there are people out there who are thinking, "pork? eug its so gross and apparently it totally tastes like human meat", and before I go any further I'd like to say. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR OPINION, NOBODY ASKED YOU TO EAT IT, AND HOW WOULD YOU KNOW WHAT HUMAN MEAT TASTES LIKE IN THE FIRST PLACE?! anyway moving along I'm remembering the great day I had today, Jen and Taff cooked me pork sausages and pap. It was incredible. And that is all. just delicious.

If you haven't tried it go ahead and make some for breakfast. enjoy.

sausage is life?


Anths xx

...and anyway look how much fun this crazy lady is having in the picture with her sausage!!


zee said...

That lady is hilarious, never seen a person have so much fun with sausage.
or have I...?

P.S Ur crazy

dims said...

come to germany! sausages all day.

luminous said...

you got home at 2? dude i was starving when i got home too, i ate yoghurt and it totally tasted gross so i slept my hunger away.and now after reading that, i feel like a pork sausage with pap.