Friday, July 24, 2009


Jellymon, a design company from Shanghai, has collaborated with many world renound labels such as Kid robot, Swatch, Nike, Adidas, etc...

Their smart designs make me happy
I'm loving them to death.

Jellymon designed a series of watches for Shanghai Watch co. based on 1970s classic style watches worn by high ranking officials such as Mao and Deng etc. they're available in selected stores- Collette Paris, Kid Robot nyc, and The Source Shanghai. sigh, can we get some over here in Africa?

see what i mean? these windbreakers Jellymon did for Reine et Roi/Classic Kicks nyc, are so freakin beautiful! I'm sorry. time to stepup.

More!!!! Jellymon X Evisu! for Evisu's Cube Gallery exhibition tour, they designed these "Skeleton with a confused identity" using denim, fabric, and buttons. dark. cute. fear has a new face. :)

Jellymon dunny for Kid Robot, I have a lovehate relationship with their blind boxed packaging concept. hope i can run into one of these some day...
Designs for label- eno Shanghai. the line is called "A Tribe called..." based on 6 of 56 ethnic minority tribes in China. love the mens hoodie.

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