Thursday, May 14, 2009

peace haven

hello blogggeerrrsss
anthea in effect today, anuty Yang has been hassling me to write so here i am. we have turned 3 peace haven into an office, word to the aunt. the DOE team is busying themselves to create the hottest shit in the world for you guys to wear so get ready. meanwhile we are keeping warm in the light of the lounge, cv writing to Fela Kuti, who we all agree is possibly one of the most inspirational people to work to. if anyone is feeling the need to join the makeshift office the entrance fee is one bottle of red wine and a pretty aura. my image for the day is what is currently my desktop backround, cant stop staring at it, like a newborn baby, it's newborn advice. do what you will with it, make it a part of your life immediately.

until next time. stay inspired.



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