Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crazy groupies

The story below is purely fictional. well not really. who knows?

i was playing before xxxxx at the xxxxxx birthday party and had left all my stuff behind the DJ bar while i was merrily getting drunk. I suddenly needed money so went to get my purse. after managing to make it through the massive crowd i put my head under the dj booth to get to my stuff. next thing i know xxxxx is standing there looking half bewildered and frightened and there is a young groupie trying to unbutton his trousers. so I look at xxxxxx and say what the fuck are u doing and he realises the blow job situation is dodge and a bad idea and pushes her off. we have a little chat and i tell him hes sleazy and bend down to get out. next thing i know a nice hard green heineken bottle comes flying at my head. This sexually frustrated groupie released her tensions on my head but due to my inebriated state, i only really realised what happened on my way home! cant remember the bitches face.

People really do this shit out there??? I feel so sheltered.

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