Monday, May 18, 2009

can you say nightmare?

there is something i need to raise because it just breaks my heart. we all know that the nightmare before christmas is a fuckn epic movie, but it was been turned into a cult by your everyday mall goth. which is fine, it totally deserves the status. however what it does not deserve is to be worn on bad clothing by krunch people. over the weekend i saw a myriad of people wearing everything from bags to hoodies, and out to a party even! when will this phase be over, when will the madness stop! take a motherfucking stand on bad taste!

DOE reserves the right to disallow anyone from wearing DOE if they have a krunch item like the one in the picture.

also let it be known that the bad clothes are in no way related to the doe.peness of the movie. so don't start sending me stupid emails defending ur childhood favourite.

fists in the air.


1 comment:

Sigrid Kenmuir said...

Ha! I've seen that, and I wondered when someone would take a stand! When will people learn not to do things like this!