Saturday, May 16, 2009

we are all so eezy

people it is 12:51 and i have returned from a party at the vitamin water pop-up. i have left aunty there even so now you know it's pretty deep (we never roll alone) (o and word to aunty for dinner!). anyway. i have been thinking how easy we make it for brands to turn us. every person is holding 3 different flavoured bottles at a time. the hippest kids drinking the now drink. BORING. so how did all the revolutionary students of back in the day turn into adverts? WE MAKE IT SO EASY FOR THEM. they don't even have to waste money advertising themselves, they just give us free shit and we take it in so easily. hot damn. i include myself in the problem, i too was holding my bottle. like a baby who can't get away from the mothers breast. so it has made me think, that we ALL need to think again, myself included. just a thought.



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ishsha said...

i was talking about this today.
its actually fucking clever. instead of making a tv advert for about 100 000 rands they give out free shit in a little shop and make everything look pretty and colourful. rape in all the poor students who go 'water..with vitamins? free? rad im there'. then when it's no longer free we are already all too addicted to stop drinking the 'healthy' once free shit.
whats really in it anyways?
i wish i was a scientist.. then i could take that to a lab and test that shit.
out. xx