Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What it is

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When I decided to feature some of my favorite photographers here today, i immediately thought of Terry Richardson, I think I'm always drawn to people who are extremely, excessively creative and have the energy to prove it. that extra bit of courage and madness adds to it. people who say "what the hell. why not?!" to life. they may seem inappropriate to the some, but for me, there's truth in this madness (i dont mean the serial killer type madness). I was reading this extract the other day in a book about ZEN teachings---it says>> for example, there are three basic functions to the human forearm, lift, twist and drop. on a scientific level, we judge them to be 'normal' functions. but, the real 'normal' function of the forearm, is "to move freely". So, we exclaim when we see the body work of an acrobat...shouting out "thats crazy!" guess what im trying to say is, theres no doubt the mind can push the body's limits, and we know that. But, how often do we trap ourselves in our minds? overthinking about stuff and end up paralyzing our bodies?

dont mean to go Dr. Zen on you. just really digging Terry Richardson's work. thats all.

ps. these photos were taken in Hong Kong, a place I spent some of childhood in>> Its a concrete jungle. also the coolest fishing village in the world. the reason i chose these to post, is because I fuckING miss home today! sob

More of his work here. Or his new work for French Vogue feat. LV here.

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