Tuesday, June 9, 2009

misery loves food

people. do not be angry, for I am here.
I know this took really really long but it is here and that's what's important, sho I was scared of Aunty there for a second. So we've had something a bit sad happen to the DOE team, someone whom we love and who loved us has packed and gone to London for 6 months, which is pretty damn sad in our books. Anyway to say goodbye in true piiimp style we cooked a big going away meal, it was pretty frikken delicious and the boys were jealous that they hadn't cooked it themselves. So we are gona make a small video for you to show how we prepared this epic roast chicken DOE style, but these things take time. (ain't no other bitches who can piiimp like us). so while that is under construction I have left you with some pictures from the night so that you can start getting an idea how goodlooking all our homies are.

hold tite and be patient.


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