Monday, June 29, 2009

My Ninja!

Apologies. I'm back! and Anthea will be back on thursday to tell you about her travels to Botswana. sigh. I need a holiday. an adventure. a fucoff experience. This has been a weekend of revelations. hope you had a good one tho.

I saw this label- My Ninja! via another blog. Yes there're a lot of tshirts out there. but there is never too many. I dont think so. a tee is like a personality. an individual statement. its like accesories that you can never have too many of. yes you can ask the piiimp Ant, she will tell you that one can never ever, have enough jewels. you can call it conspicuous consumption. or you might just call it straight up pimping. whichever you prefer. We all wear tshirts. Thats what we believe. tees will never die. We need more!!!

anyway, My Ninja!, a LA label, although there're only 2 prints available. but the photographs are sick. love the back to basic energy of them, & the styling...just my cuppa tea. sometimes less is more.


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Peter said...

yo! we have more designs... check us out now! Peter Rocks