Wednesday, June 17, 2009


hello DOE people!
It's 2:38am in johannesburg. and probably in cape town too. anyway I can't sleep and I have watched a romcom called The Holiday which I suppose is supposed to be uplifting but really it just made me cry and comment that my life was pretty shitty at present, which in retrospect is really untrue and quite melodramatic. Anyway that being said I am excited to be going away to Botswana on thursday, which means you will have to miss me for a few days. but i do promise some flippn nice pictures and a funny story upon my return. today was (or yesterday rather) was Youth Day, and I hope that instead of just getting drunk everyone stopped to think about the significance of it. willing to fight for knowledge, that is something that DOE love and respect.Ya but anyway, as you saw from our cooking photos our friend Josiah has left us for london for a bit, so naturally we sent him with some DOE to be looking fresh on the streets. So here's a pic he sent us of him rocking it in Chiswick Park (hope i spelt that right).

ok tooooodles

Anth xx

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