Monday, June 22, 2009

Woke up this morning...

DOE loves American Mobster flicks.

My boyfriend and i have been re watching The Sopranos. loving it. one of my favorite episodes was when Anthony Soprano Jr, Tony's son got drunk at a hotel room in New York, and had his eyebrows shaved off by friends, and when he got home the next day, he was questioned by a confused Tony, "whats different about about you?" waaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa! Besides the fact that he looked ridiculous (note to self--appreciate eyebrows), he also had this STONED look on his face, grumpily hungover and stuff. and all Tony said was "WHATS DIFFERENT ABOUT YOU?"
Tony is my hero. but so is Saul and Pauli. word to the Sopranos, hope they make a movie soon, a four- years- later- update on the mob. sort of like what Sex and the city did.

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