Monday, June 22, 2009

Proverbial fist in the air!

Whatup bloggerrrss!

Here is my favorite article of the week. By our homie/fellow blog girl/photog/partner in piiimp crime, Zandi. A MUST READ. If you never want to get an obese brain.

Doe says no to BO (aka bullshit overdose)

"In the past couple of weeks having lurked around uber cool blogs about uber cool shit and chatted about it to uber cool people I began to feel a distinct sensation of nausea. As my mouth filled with watery saliva and my head began to spin and my stomach rumbled and my head spun and all the faces and sneakers and checked shirts and jewellary turned to into one Jackson Pollockian mess, I had to wonder, what is it that irks me so?..."


Besides being a mean writer, Zandi also happens to take dope pics. check out her blog

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